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Samsung makes first OLED TV with a curved screen.

Samsung Introduces World's First Curved OLED TV at CES 2013 At the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. unveiled Samsung's Curved OLED TV, breaking the barrier of innovation in home entertainment.

Israel admits Ethiopian women were given birth control shots A government official has for the first time acknowledged the practice of injecting women of Ethiopian origin with the long-acting contraceptive Depo-Provera.

#Jan28 : Same Place , Same Faces ... A typical Deja vu I can't believe or understand how the ministry of interior and Central security forces "CSF" think !! I can't believe or understand how they think if they do really use that organ inside their skulls at all !!

Saudi Arabia: Saudi Men Making a New Fashion Statement I agree with the assessment in the article that the young Saudi men have too much time on their hands and not enough choice of activities.

As a result, they want to test their boundaries and now that is publicly appearing in their traditional underwear.

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Date:Jan 29, 2013
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