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Samsung QLED a TV Without Undesirable Visual Effects.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, released it all new QLED for 2018 with modern and evolutionary features. The screen is considered the most durable and advanced screen in the world.

The requirements for TV displays are made ever more demanding by technologies such as High Dynamic Range (HDR). The risk of putative burn-in is of particular concern to TV customers in the premium segment. To see if displays stand up to the exacting performance requirements, the TV experts from video and connect Testlab carried out certification test based on the Information Display Measurements Standard (IDMS), an international norm for panel measurements, and concentrated on QLED TV's HDR content display quality.

Samsung's QLED TVs passed the stress test and received the certificate for a[currency]ino burn-ina[currency]i and a[currency]ino afterglow. In a 72-hour endurance test, the testers performed measurements on Samsung QLED TVs to check their putative burn-in effects, which may be caused by static picture elements. These effects, also referred to as a[currency]imemory effecta[currency]i, a[currency]ighostinga[currency]i, a[currency]iimage retentiona[currency]i, a[currency]isticky imagea[currency]i or imprecisely as a[currency]iburn-ina[currency]i, tangibly impair the picture quality of a television.

Ismail Yoon, President of Samsung KSA, stated that: "We in Samsung believe in accommodating to the ever changing needs of our customers. Consequently, this has caused us to come up with the most innovative solutions. We would like to thank our customers for putting their trust in our products and being our primary supporters and therefore assisting us in winning the most sold screen in the world for a second year in a row."

The measurements showed that the tested Samsung QLED TVs remained unaffected by the rigorous tests. The TV can thus theoretically be left on permanently without picture elements like network logos leaving an afterglow or burning in.

To emphasize its leading position, Samsung has issued a 10-year warranty for a QLED screen free of afterglow.

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Date:Aug 7, 2018
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