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Samsung Launching 17 New QLED TV Models This Year.

Samsung Electronics has unveiled new premium QLED TV models in its home country, South Korea. The tech giant is also introducing six more models by the end of this year as it seeks to widen the gap with its rivals. 

( Korea Herald reported that Samsung showcased its 2018 QLED TVs in South Korea on Tuesday. All new models are said to come with various artificial intelligence features, intelligent displays and the all-new Ambient Mode. The Galaxy S9 maker also revealed that 11 of its new QLED TVs are hitting the market throughout June, then six more models will be released before the year ends. 

Samsung calls the screens of its new television units "intelligent displays" because of the things they can do. "As the hub of IoT technology, (QLED TVs) will connect all Samsung products and allow users to monitor them through a large-sized display," Samsung's head of Visual Display Business Han Jong-hee said. Han also proudly described the company's new TVs as "smart centers with the biggest screens."

One standout feature of the new Samsung QLED TVs is "Ambient Mode." It is referred to as a magic screen feature because it displays useful information like news and photos of users on the screen when the television unit is not in use. When the TV is off, Ambient Mode turns on to depict images and information. ( Samsung assured consumers that they don't need to worry about their electrical bills because Ambient Mode eats up very little power. In fact, three hours of having the magic screen feature on a 55-inch TV would only cost around US$0.7.

What's also good about the new QLED TVs is they come with Samsung's One Invisible Connection magic cable system, which basically combines connecting lines used for a single TV unit into one. The magic cable included in each unit can also extend up to 10 meters, so consumers can install their new TVs anywhere inside the house. 

On its ( online newsroom , Samsung pointed out that its new QLED TVs deliver 100 percent color volume and have what it calls as "Anti-reflection" technology. The latter pertains to the devices' ability to render pure blacks without reflection. Samsung also noted that its new TV units' HDR 2000 enhances the level of brightness and expressed detail. Moreover, the 2018 lineup houses a 4K Q Engine that automatically turns low-quality videos into 4K resolution videos though its five-step algorithm. 

The first 11 QLED TV models have displays ranging from 55 to 82 inches. The additional six models will most likely have the same range, but the biggest variant will have an 85-inch screen. The reason why all new QLED TVs are arriving with very large screens is Samsung's prediction of an increased demand for large television units this year. 

"With the very full major sporting events line up this year, including 2018 World Cup Russia and the Asian Games, we expect the demand for large-sized TVs to grow rapidly," Samsung Visual Display Business senior vice president Jongsuk Chu said. "This year, for QLED TVs, we aim to double growth, as well as continue our leadership in the global TV market by driving the ultra-large TV market."

Apart from the display features, Samsung is also banking on its AI voice-recognition system, Bixby, to attract consumers to its 2018 lineup of QLED TVs. After all, Samsung is positioning its QLED TVs as the main hub of IoT solutions that interact and control smart home appliances. 
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Date:Apr 18, 2018
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