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Samsung 90nm DDR2 Recognized as Most Innovative DRAM.

OTTAWA -- Semiconductor Insights (SI), the leader in technical and patent analyses of integrated circuits and electronic systems, today announced that it has awarded Samsung's 512Mb 90nm Rev "C" DDR2 SDRAM the 2005 INSIGHT Award for Most Innovative DRAM. "Downward price pressure in the DRAM market has, up until now, discouraged DDR to DDR2 migration for most OEMs," said Edward Keyes, Vice President and CTO for SI. "Samsung's success in delivering a 512Mb DDR2 device at the 90nm node with an aggressive die size of 71mm2, should now enable this key migration."

DRAM vendors position DDR2 as the solution for reduced power consumption and heat generation in computing applications. This is particularly vital for laptops and other mobile computing devices. The challenge to date in realizing mass-market penetration has been cost."Samsung is honored to receive the 2005 INSIGHT Award for Most Innovative DRAM from Semiconductor Insights for our Rev 'C' DDR2 SDRAM in 90nm process technology.This device marks a tremendous design and process feat for Samsung, delivering a 30% die size reduction over the previous Rev 'B' generation," said Tom Quinn, Sr. VP memory sales and marketing, Samsung Semiconductor.

Recent SI analysis of competing DDR2 devices positions Samsung favorably in the market. "A normalized Mb/mm2 comparison of DDR2 devices including the 512Mb Rev 'C' from Samsung and 1Gb parts from Infineon and Micron, affirms Samsung's die size leadership in DRAM," stated Keyes. "With leading edge process technology on 300mm wafers, Samsung is extremely well positioned to be the dominant DRAM vendor for the DDR2 transition."

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- Image - Samsung's 512Mb 90nm Rev "C" DDR2 SDRAM:

- About Samsung's 512Mb 90nm Rev "C" DDR2 SDRAM: ber=12350

- About Micron's 1Gb DDR2 SDRAM: ber=12295

- About the INSIGHT Awards:

- About Semiconductor Insights:
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Date:Jun 29, 2005
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