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Sampling System.

SinterCast's Stand-Alone System 2000 for sampling molten metal includes a sampling module (SAM), an operator a control module (OCM), a power supply module and a wirefeeder to supply sampling rates. It can be configured to suit each specific foundry's layout, process flow and production volume and provides an approximate sampling rate of one ladle every 4 min. Other features include a high resolution thermal analysis probe and software, alloy calculator software for recommendations based on previous ladles, and detailed production summary reports. The system has operator access via 0CM input keys and SAM operator box and supervisor access to software menus via a laptop PC customer access terminal. It also displays magnesium, inoculant and carbon equivalent results as histogram run-charts for analysis. The 0CM, SAM wirefeeder and uninterruptable power supply are connected by a single connection box for convenience.
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Date:Aug 1, 2001
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