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Samichlaus again available this year.

Samichlaus again available this year

One beer connoisseur has suggested that Samichlaus Bier "would best be dispensed from small barrels suspended from the necks of mountain-rescue dogs." Though the allusion to this potent brew's brandy-like character is valid, beer lovers can find this product without getting lost.

Introduced to America in 1986 by Phoenix Imports, Ltd., Samichlaus has become a favorite of those beer drinkers who enjoy hearty, robust brews.

According to beer critic Michael Jackson, Samichlaus has "a very malty nose, with just a hint of smokiness; a very full, but firm, body; a creamy palate; and a warming finish. World Classic."

According to the beer's importer, Samichlaus is best enjoyed when accompanied by hearty stews and roasts, as well as with chocolate and as an alternative to after-dinner liqueurs.

Part of the Samichlaus mystique is the fact that it is brewed at its Swiss brewery only once a year on December 6 and then aged for close to an entire year. This year's offering will be available to American consumers during the first week of November, and should be on most retailers' shelves before Thanksgiving.
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Title Annotation:Samichlaus Bier, Swiss beer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Sep 30, 1991
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