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LOVE WILL OUT; FORCES CHIEF ON JOY AT GETTING HITCHED After a lifetime of hiding his sexuality, Major General marries partner making him highest-ranking Army officer to have same-sex wedding. JOHN JEFFAY Jul 26, 2021 491
When Same-Sex Marriage Finds Acceptance In Churches. Jul 11, 2021 1671
Gay Marriage Is Evil, Unacceptable a Umuahia Methodist Archbishop. Jul 4, 2021 358
Same-sex marriage approval: Nigeria Methodist Church blasts Britain counterpart. Jul 2, 2021 316
Same-Sex Marriage Approval: Methodist Church Nigeria Blasts Britain Counterpart. Jul 1, 2021 157
JUST IN: The Methodist Church To Permit Same-Sex Marriages In Britain. Jun 30, 2021 395
QUICK QUIZ. Jun 26, 2021 209
Bishop apologizes to fired LGBT Catholic educator at theology gathering. McElwee, Joshua J. Jun 25, 2021 858
Gennaro Gattuso comments shared by Tottenham fans ahead of club changing mind on Italian; The Italian had looked to be in the box seat to become the club's new manager on Thursday evening after Spurs decided to switch their attentions from Paulo Fonseca. By, Mark Jones Jun 18, 2021 367
Hypocrite; Scots Tory leader Ross sports a Pride badge.. despite voting against same-sex marriages. PETER DAVIDSON Jun 4, 2021 295
Outed for being gay and accused of spreading disease ,44 arrested. Jun 3, 2021 425
In interview of SC aspirants, JBC asks about Judiciary trust rating, anti-terrorism law, same-sex marriage. Jun 2, 2021 1045
Theologians: Vatican stance on same-sex unions unbiblical. May 28, 2021 529
Church looks at same-sex marriage moves. May 25, 2021 255
Tiffany & Co. unveils first-ever engagement rings collection for men. May 3, 2021 239
Weddings hit a Covid hitch as numbers fall by 53%. CATE MCCURRY May 1, 2021 193
Church's teaching. Gentilini, Joseph; Goldstein, Elisabeth Ryan; Marmion, Claire Apr 30, 2021 395
Foster to resign as NI leader after revolt. TORCUIL CRICHTON Apr 29, 2021 281
DROSS GIVEN S A DRUBBING; ELECTION 2021 TORY CHIEF TRASHED Leader slammed in TV debate over his views on same-sex marriage and defence of PM. CHRIS McCALL Apr 28, 2021 876
'Take religion out of sexual education in our schools'. AILBHE DALY Apr 27, 2021 190
Scottish election 2021: Douglas Ross attacked for historic comments on gay marriage during TV leaders' debate; Douglas Ross was attacked for his historic views on same-sex marriage during a bad tempered leaders' debate on Channel 4. Conor Matchett Apr 27, 2021 614
Cardinal reaffirms opposition to same sex marriage. Apr 22, 2021 441
Vatican's gay blessing ban stokes fear among Africans. Egwu, Patrick Apr 16, 2021 878
Austria's Cardinal Schonborn: God will not deny same-sex couples a blessing. McElwee, Joshua J. Apr 16, 2021 624
Value of same-sex unions affirmed: After Vatican decree, over 100 theologians pledge support for LGBTQ couples. Davison, Madeleine Apr 16, 2021 1022
Dad avoids jail for 'hateful' PS14k damage left at church; man's homophobic prejudice led to 'revenge' attack but judge hears he has vulnerable family. AMY WALKER @MENNEWSDESK Apr 15, 2021 613
Catholic women's groups in Europe protest Vatican's gay union stance. Apr 11, 2021 295
KEIR AFTER A RAISE; DM1ST @kevin_maguire KEVIN MAGUIRE Stalking the corridors of power. KEVIN MAGUIRE Apr 5, 2021 167
Candidate slammed over Covid gay theory. CATH ASHCROFT Apr 3, 2021 303
Memo to the Vatican: Same-sex couples find God's love in marriage, too. Davison, Madeleine Apr 2, 2021 1314
Decree risks making Francis into a hypocrite. Editorial Apr 2, 2021 690
Demi Lovato admits she is 'too gay to marry a man' after engagement to Max Ehrich; In six months, Demi had moved Max into her home and agreed to marry him in a whirlwind romance but when it didn't work out she realised she may never settled down with a man. By, Jenny Kirkham Mar 28, 2021 550
Church Threatens Breakup From Global Body Over Gay Marriage. Mar 24, 2021 224
Vatican Refuses to Bless Same-Sex Marriages. Mar 22, 2021 432
Retreat From Endorsing Same-Sex Union, CAN Tells African Leaders. Mar 21, 2021 330
Vatican: Catholic Church cannot bless same-sex unions. Mar 21, 2021 974
Vatican's ruling on same-sex unions 'should be challenged' RTE star 'let down' by failure of Government to criticise Church. CATHAL AUSTIN Mar 17, 2021 362
Same sex union is not marriage, says prelate. Mar 17, 2021 314
Locsin favors law recognizing civil union for same-sex. Mar 17, 2021 295
Catholic Church 'cannot bless same-sex unions'. Mar 17, 2021 214
Same-Sex Marriage: CAN Commends Vatican. Mar 16, 2021 357
Vatican snubs gay unions because God 'cannot bless sin'. Mar 16, 2021 154
Dismay at Vatican ban on same sex blessings. AILBHE DALY Mar 16, 2021 159
Vatican snubs gay unions because God 'cannot bless sin'. Mar 16, 2021 154
Vatican snubs gay unions because God 'cannot bless sin'. Mar 16, 2021 154
Vatican snubs gay unions because God 'cannot bless sin'. Mar 16, 2021 154
Vatican snubs gay unions because God 'cannot bless sin'. Mar 16, 2021 154
Vatican snubs gay unions because God 'cannot bless sin'. Mar 16, 2021 154
Vatican orthodoxy office: Gay union blessings barred They are not part of God's plan, church says. NICOLE WINFIELD Associated Press Mar 16, 2021 757
Vatican orthodoxy office: Gay union blessings barred They are not part of God's plan, church says Blessing: Francis has endorsed civil rights for same-sex couples. NICOLE WINFIELD Associated Press Mar 16, 2021 757
Vatican bars gay union blessing, says God 'can't bless sin'. NICOLE WINFIELD Associated Press Mar 16, 2021 1282
Vatican snubs gay unions because God 'cannot bless sin'. Mar 16, 2021 154
Vatican says no to blessings for gay unions. ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTERS Mar 16, 2021 267
Vatican snubs gay unions because God 'cannot bless sin'. Mar 16, 2021 154
Church will not sanction gay unions. Mar 16, 2021 215
Church will not sanction gay unions. Mar 16, 2021 215
Vatican: Catholic priests, ministers reject pressure to bless same-sex unions, says God 'does not and cannot bless sin',. Mar 15, 2021 460
Catholic Church Bars Gay Union Blessing, Says God 'Can't Bless Sin'. Mar 15, 2021 387
High court paves way for international same-sex marriages in Taiwan. Mar 5, 2021 398
Gay And Lesbian Under Me? Tofiakwa! Mar 4, 2021 640
'Amend: The Fight for America' - a good series for anti-racism education. Mar 2, 2021 437
Parishioner caused PS14k of damage to church in 'revenge attack' dad upset by vote for same-sex marriage. AMY WALKER Feb 25, 2021 465
Anglican Church stands against lesbianism, gay marriage - Archbishop Ibezim. Feb 14, 2021 273
U.S President Biden threatens visa sanctions against Nigeria over anti-LGBTQI laws. Feb 11, 2021 562
Cobbles gay wedding to be first ever on the show. NICOLA METHVEN Feb 1, 2021 166
Cobbles gay wedding to be first ever on the show. NICOLA METHVEN TV Editor Feb 1, 2021 172
America's same-sex marriage dilemma and democratic universalism. Jan 29, 2021 2212
Taiwan to allow multinational same-sex marriages, but not with China. Jan 22, 2021 196
HURIWA appeals to FG to set up Human Rights Commission governing body. Jan 14, 2021 392
IS SAME-SEX MARRIAGE SECURE? Shackford, Scott Jan 1, 2021 404
Charity chair denies 'anger' over Free Church's same sex stance; The chair of one of Scotland's largest independent charities has denied allegations she was "angry" at learning of a deal for Stirling Free Church to rent its premises because of her views around its stance on same sex marriage. Martyn McLaughlin Dec 15, 2020 427
NI couple celebrate same-sex first. Dec 8, 2020 161
Same sex couples get marriage switch go ahead. JILLY BEATTIE Dec 7, 2020 244
Geneva Cruz defends LGBT, gay marriage: 'We don't choose who we are'. Dec 4, 2020 678
Pope on civil unions? It's complicated. Mcelwee, Joshua J.; White, Christopher Nov 13, 2020 1544
Orthodoxy watchdog. Gramick, Jeannine Nov 13, 2020 253
JOE BIDEN: A PROFILE. Nov 7, 2020 521
Democrat earned third tilt at the White House. Nov 7, 2020 358
Duterte backs gender equality bill but still opposes same sex marriage. Nov 5, 2020 390
Duterte backs gender equality, not same-sex church or civil marriage - Palace. Nov 5, 2020 419
Fiery debate erupts anew over Sogie bill. Nov 5, 2020 1075
World & nation in 60 seconds. Nov 3, 2020 222
Two Supreme Court Justices Call For Overturning Marriage Equality Ruling. Nov 1, 2020 473
Lesbian couples tie the knot in Taiwan military mass wedding. Oct 31, 2020 164
Taipei City Government lit up in rainbow colors on eve of Pride. Oct 30, 2020 623
CBCP reaffirms Church's stand on marriage and family. Oct 30, 2020 539
Gay couples tie knot for first time at Taiwan military wedding. Oct 30, 2020 635
TURNING POINT / The Message. Oct 27, 2020 305
2 same-sex couples to take part in Taiwan's mass military weddings Oct. 30. Oct 27, 2020 314
CBCP: Pope's stance on gay marriage unchanged despite remarks on same-sex civil unions. Oct 26, 2020 771
The Pope has given gay couples hope.. and I pray it will spark a revolution of love in the Catholic Church; PONTIFF BACKS SAME-SEX UNIONS. Oct 25, 2020 674
Alvarez hopes Pope's remark would change tide for same-sex union bill. Oct 22, 2020 415
Solon confident objections to bill will go away with Pope's support for same-sex civil union. Oct 22, 2020 465
Sotto doubts Pope's backing of same-sex union will change legislators' minds. Oct 22, 2020 318
With Pope's backing, Catholic solons lose ground vs same-sex civil union - Palace. Oct 22, 2020 300
Gender-neutral school uniform collection, including a 'shirtskirt', launches in Taiwan. Oct 21, 2020 359
Turn the car round ..I can't do the show; ITV STAR PHILLIP SCHOFIELD TELLS OF TURMOIL OVER SEXUALITY on torment on marriage on coming out >>>> It's like being in a black cloud.. no one can reach you >>>> I didn't know I was gay when I married Steph >>>> I told Holly everything.. I knew she would be incredible. TOM BRYANT Oct 15, 2020 1054
Federal Appeals Court Upholds US Citizenship for Twin Son of Same-Sex Couple. Oct 13, 2020 314
Two justices slam court's 2015 decision in gay marriage case. MARK SHERMAN and JESSICA GRESKO Associated Press Oct 6, 2020 544
2 justices slam court's 2015 decision in gay marriage case. MARK SHERMAN and JESSICA GRESKO Associated Press Oct 6, 2020 647
CRC Chairperson Buries Controversy on Gay Marriage in Draft Constitution. Yankuba Jallow and Nelson Manneh Oct 5, 2020 857
Gay rights overshadowed by transgender movement, says actor. Oct 4, 2020 213
The Attempt to Mislead the Religious Leaders of the Country. Sep 29, 2020 313
The Draft Constitution And Same Sex Marriage. Sep 28, 2020 416
Define 'divisive'. Sep 25, 2020 396
Your Views. Sep 25, 2020 396
Define 'divisive'. Sep 25, 2020 318
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Why the death of the 'Notorious RBG' leaves so much at stake for US - Dani Garavelli; When the news filtered through late on Friday night that feminist icon and Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had succumbed to pancreatic cancer it felt as if one of the last remaining stars lighting the US skies had been snuffed out. Dani Garavelli Sep 20, 2020 1173
Gay marriages rise 5 years after Supreme Court ruling. Associated Press Sep 18, 2020 187
Catholic Church says 'no' to same-sex marriage. Sep 9, 2020 639
Religious leader who blamed gay marriage for coronavirus catches Covid-19 himself; Patriarch Filaret, 91, head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv, also faced legal action after blameing 'sinful' humanity and 'same-sex' marriage for the coronavirus pandemic. By, Talia Shadwell Sep 8, 2020 427
We've got it drongo; BEHIND THE NEWS SUSIE BONIFACE. Sep 4, 2020 958
We've got it drongo; Why are British trade hopes in the hands of a homophobic, sexist, hard-drinking Aussie ..who is NOT a trade expert?BEHIND THE NEWS SUSIE BONIFACE. Sep 4, 2020 958
UK Ministers Under Pressure To Drop Abbott Trade Job Plans. Sep 4, 2020 416
Okowa thanks Primate Okoh for resisting pressures on gay marriages. Aug 22, 2020 711
Name of 'groom' in same sex marriage case put on ECL. Aug 8, 2020 303
Canada should increase engagement with Taiwan: Vancouver TECO. Aug 6, 2020 375
LGBTQ+ More Prone to Alcohol Use Disorder. Aug 1, 2020 291
Alleged same sex marriage case: court orders for gender test of bride groom. Jul 25, 2020 285
'Husband' in 'same-sex marriage' case skips gender test. Jul 22, 2020 630
ON THIS DAY. Jul 20, 2020 216
UK city to debate establishing sister cities with Taiwan. Jul 20, 2020 367
CHURCH REFUSES RULING ON SAME-SEX MARRIAGES; Presbyterians insist they will uphold 'historic union of man and a woman'. SHAUNA CORR Jul 18, 2020 432
Gender test ordered in alleged same-sex marriage. Jul 16, 2020 435
Qantas chief hit with pie over gay marriage support. Jul 13, 2020 338
Motorcyle riders show creativeness to stay on the road. Jul 13, 2020 518
One-third of Taiwanese divorces take place within 5 years of marriage. Jul 11, 2020 250
Putin can run twice more, and gay marriage ban will be in constitution. Vladimir Isachenkov and Daria Litvinova Associated Press Jul 2, 2020 1267
When wedding vows conflict with the Catholic workplace. Salvadore, Sarah Jun 26, 2020 1373
Taiwan to host world's only Pride parade in June amid pandemic. Jun 25, 2020 343
Civil union joy for all couples. KATRINE BUSSEY Jun 24, 2020 198
African American Clergy Attitudes Regarding Affirmative Counseling with Sexual Minorities. Estelhomme, Cherry D.; Lane, W. David; Lane, Donna E. Jun 22, 2020 4342
High court decision spotlights GOP divide over LGBT rights. ALAN FRAM Associated Press Jun 18, 2020 983
Sacramental relationship: Netflix documentary shows seven decades of love. Manson, Jamie L. Jun 12, 2020 1019
Foreigners stranded in Taiwan by coronavirus allowed to extend visas. Jun 2, 2020 206
Christopher Carpenter Named Director of Health Economics Program. Jun 1, 2020 207
Ohio teacher loses job. May 29, 2020 169
Taiwan's same-sex marriage marks historic first for Asia. May 28, 2020 258
Taiwan LGBT group raising money to fight homophobia. May 24, 2020 298
Wicklow high for same-sex marriage; Rates for tying the knot 5yrs after historic vote. EXCLUSIVE BY AILBHE JORDAN May 23, 2020 322
President celebrates Taiwan's same-sex marriage legalization anniversary. May 17, 2020 522
Taiwan set to mark 1 year of same-sex marriage legalization. May 9, 2020 344
The Diplomat features Taiwanese president on cover. May 1, 2020 176
To have & to old.. Mid to late 30s now the time to marry>>Summer is still a hot date for the big day>>Wedding bells rang out less in 2019. AILBHE DALY Apr 29, 2020 443
Gay rights pioneer has died age 95. Obituary Apr 11, 2020 217
Gay rights pioneer has died age 95. Obituary Apr 11, 2020 217
No need to intervene in same-sex case: court. mirror reporter Apr 8, 2020 175
Globe to provide equal benefits to legal dependents of same-sex couples. Mar 6, 2020 394
Sustainability in action. Mar 5, 2020 441
Church will not tolerate homosexuality- Kazimba. Mar 2, 2020 990
Spirit of the Law: Keeping Justice Alive in Red States. Daniels, Dustin Mar 1, 2020 813
Same-sex marriage opens can of worms. Feb 27, 2020 172
We shall never accept homosexuals - Ntagali. Feb 24, 2020 481
Taiwan sees nearly 3,000 same-sex weddings in year of legalization. Feb 22, 2020 243
Wedding joy as women tie knot in church first; 'quiet and personal affair' for happy couple. ROBERT SUTCLIFFE @MRRSUTCLIFFE Feb 17, 2020 258
Gay couple battle for legal recognition. Jonathan Shkurko Feb 16, 2020 991
QUOTES OF THE DAY. Feb 12, 2020 163
THEY SAID WHAT? Feb 12, 2020 260
First gay wedding for Ulster to be held; Pair praise rights activists. SHAUNA CORR Feb 11, 2020 287
Phillip Schofield 'knew he was gay' when he got married; The Dancing On Ice presenter shocked the country by coming out this week. coventrytelegraph Feb 9, 2020 549
Meet the first Belfast gay couples to get married -and the lovers still fighting for justice; It was love at first sight for Sharni and Robyn -who'll make history this week as the first gay couple to wed in Northern Ireland. But for many more, the fight goes on. Dan Bloom spoke to the trailblazers leading the way. By, Dan Bloom Feb 8, 2020 1446
Buffalo Theatre's well-made 'Cake' a treat thanks to Howard. Barbara Vitello Feb 7, 2020 623
Buffalo Theatre Ensemble's well-made 'The Cake' a treat thanks to Howard. Barbara Vitello Feb 7, 2020 693
A COUPLE set to have [...]. DAVID YOUNG Feb 6, 2020 532
Kisstory GIRLS; Loved-up Sharni and Robyn get ready for NI's first gay wedding. DAVID YOUNG Feb 6, 2020 521
Please cancel event at arena. Feb 3, 2020 348
We don't want this event at the arena. Feb 3, 2020 344
Legislating Morality in America: Debating the Morality of Controversial U.S. Laws and Policies. Book review Feb 1, 2020 159
Family Law in Perspective, 4th Edition. Book review Feb 1, 2020 155
Kicked in the Goolagongs; THE AUSSIE OPEN Chiefs slam legends' protest. NEIL MCLEMAN Jan 29, 2020 341
Law changes that might impact your family this decade. Wayne Lynn Jan 18, 2020 544
A day of love as same-sex marriage is legalised; Ulster couple's joy at equality. SHAUN KEENAN Jan 13, 2020 364
'Kay God kayo mag explain': Ai-Ai delas Alas to bashers of her stand on same-sex marriage. Jan 11, 2020 389
Keep fighting for same-sex marriage, CHR urges LGBT community. Jan 9, 2020 383
'We just need equal rights': Juan Miguel Severo, Alex Diaz air support for same-sex marriage. Jan 9, 2020 473
Church groups laud nixing of same-sex marriage plea. Jan 8, 2020 413
Marriage redefined at expense of children. Jan 7, 2020 186
It's final: SC nixes plea for same-sex marriage. Jan 6, 2020 449
It's final: SC junks petition for same-sex marriage. Jan 6, 2020 349
Gidan Wuta: Kaduna 'House Of Hell' Where Randy Men Catch Fun With Underage Girls, Married Women, Gays. Jan 5, 2020 1524
World & nation in 60 seconds. Jan 4, 2020 534
Methodists propose split in gay marriage, clergy impasse. Jan 4, 2020 813
Church Schism: Methodists To Split. Marcy Kreiter Jan 3, 2020 483
Texas Judge Warned Over Same-Sex Marriage Refusal. Jan 1, 2020 223
The Law That Ate the Constitution. Andrews, Helen Dec 22, 2019 2708
Claudia Lopez Married: Bogota's First Lesbian Mayor-elect Marries Partner. Mark Alcala Dec 19, 2019 403
Hallmark reinstates same-sex marriage ads. Jocelyn Noveck AP National Writer Dec 16, 2019 454
Hallmark Channel Reverses Decision To Pull Ad Featuring Same-Sex Couple. Amit Nag Dec 16, 2019 407
Under pressure, Hallmark pulls gay-themed wedding ads. Jocelyn Noveck Assoiated Press Dec 15, 2019 414
Who is a "hate group?". Dec 6, 2019 169
US warns against travel to Tanzania over same-sex unions row. Dec 5, 2019 262
TA sets out stall on Court; TENNIS. Dec 2, 2019 145
The rugby morning headlines as complaint lodged against disgraced Israel Folau and Wales summer tour dates revealed; These are the latest rugby headlines from Wales and beyond. Ben James Dec 2, 2019 772
Aussies to keep their distance over Court; tennis. Dec 1, 2019 305
Divorce hits lowest rate in 48 years; 10% fall but same-sex splits soar. AMY COLES Nov 30, 2019 189
Chick-fil-A Ends Donations To Anti-LGBTQ Groups. Wesley Dockery Nov 19, 2019 387
Here's Why Chick-Fil-A Won't Be Donating To Places Like Salvation Army Anymore. Jayson Derrick Nov 18, 2019 328
Ireland one of safest places in the world for LGBTQ trip. LYNNE KELLEHER Nov 18, 2019 193
Chick-fil-a is 'best thing in Reading' says election candidate; Christian Peoples Alliance parliamentary candidate Yemi Awolola has launched a petition to keep the restaurant at The Oracle in Reading. Elizabeth Mackley Nov 18, 2019 447
SECRET LIFE OF BENEFIT CHEAT; woman claimed PS47k while pretending to be single... as she didn't want mother-in-law to know about same-sex marriage. AMY WALKER Nov 16, 2019 667
Activists' legal action on gay wedding delay by Downing St. MICHAEL MCHUGH Nov 15, 2019 316
Armenian parliament refuses to hear bill banning same-sex marriage. Nov 13, 2019 395
Clergy warn ICPD against ignoring African cultures, religions. Nov 11, 2019 966
Violent clashes at gay party. Nov 11, 2019 1004
Ex-New Zealand PM praises Kenya's declining population. Nov 10, 2019 712
Catholics accuse ICPD+25 summit organisers of targeting youths for moral corruption. Nov 8, 2019 405
Frank & fearless.. broadcast icon in his own words. Nov 5, 2019 318
Speak up: Six high school students' Catholic faith drove them to fight for LGBTQ+ equality in the church. Salaz, Susan Interview Nov 1, 2019 2208
Woman sues husband after he comes out as gay six years into their marriage; A high court in Cape Town, South African heard how a man came out as gay to his wife almost six years into their marriage. By, Milo Boyd Nov 1, 2019 357
Revisiting traditional marriage process with nostalgia. Nov 1, 2019 647
Why the SC junked Falcis' plea for same-sex marriage. Oct 31, 2019 780
Are Bisexual People More Likely To Experience Health Problems? Jan Cortes Oct 30, 2019 364
MOFA stages human rights workshop. Oct 29, 2019 315
Taiwan Revels In First Pride Since Legalising Gay Marriage. AFP News Oct 26, 2019 568
Taiwan Pride Parade kicks off on Saturday in Taipei. Oct 24, 2019 235
Taiwan and EU to hold first joint LGBTI talks in Taipei. Oct 23, 2019 232
Gay Rights Across The Globe. AFP News Oct 22, 2019 572
DUP fail to halt two new Stormont laws; Abortionno longer criminal offence in NI LEGISLATION ONE; Same-sex couples rights breakthrough; LEGISLATION TWO. DAVID YOUNG and PAT FLANAGAN Oct 22, 2019 430
Termination pills mum is off the hook. Oct 22, 2019 127
Couples hail law change. Oct 22, 2019 116
'Stormont recall is a cynical DUP stunt' Alliance & SF won't take seats. SHAUNA CORR Oct 21, 2019 330
Gay couples to have their cake & eat it. Oct 21, 2019 109
Latvians' attitude to sexual minorities among most negative in EU - survey. Oct 20, 2019 274
LGBT+ campaigners protest outside controversial Chick-fil-A restaurant; The American company is leaving The Oracle at the end of its six month lease. Hugh Fort Oct 20, 2019 540
Beto proposal would hand Trump victory. Oct 16, 2019 516
O'Rourke's proposal would hand victory to Trump. MICHAEL GERSON Oct 16, 2019 783
Couples say 'we do' once again to civil partnerships; - and change in law looks set to see numbers rise. DAVID OTTEWELL @MENNEWSDESK Oct 15, 2019 392
JAMAICA-COURT-Corporation intends to appeal Court ruling. Oct 15, 2019 405
Diners in Reading divided over Chick-fil-A restaurant opening; The opening in the town has caused debate among diners. James Aldridge Oct 12, 2019 582
Just marry one woman: Elizabeth Warren slays at CNN talk show over same-sex marriage. ANI Oct 11, 2019 489
Wiki readers DUPED over Campbell... the Celtic fan. SHAUNA CORR Oct 11, 2019 172
Tens Of Thousands Protest French IVF Law For Single Women, Lesbians. AFP News Oct 7, 2019 587
Tens Of Thousands Protest French IVF Law For Single Women, Lesbians. AFP News Oct 6, 2019 631
French To Protest Pro-IVF Law For Single Women, Lesbians. AFP News Oct 6, 2019 561
Civil union status could be extended; Law: Mixed-sex couples to get option. LEWIS MCKENZIE Oct 2, 2019 215
Same-sex Unions Turn 30 In Denmark. AFP News Oct 1, 2019 671
Queer hymn collection offers 'much-needed' resource for LGBTQ+ Anglicans and allies: Committee examined nearly 200 hymns on topics ranging from inclusion to teen suicide. Gardner, Matt Oct 1, 2019 969
Ky. Officials Ordered To Pay Fees In Kim Davis Case. Oct 1, 2019 313
ST. VINCENT-RIGHTS-Religious groups against amending existing buggery laws. Sep 27, 2019 814
HK actress Elaine Ng makes good with daughter Etta after disowning her for same-sex marriage. Sep 25, 2019 327
French MPs Debate Controversial Bill To Extend IVF To Lesbian Couples. AFP News Sep 24, 2019 540
Macron Moves To Extend IVF To Lesbians, Single Women. AFP News Sep 23, 2019 731
Tough choices, or maybe not... Mike Kelly ? email AN EYE ON THE NEWS Sep 22, 2019 505
RSS supports homosexual and transgender rights, frowns on live-in relationships. Sep 20, 2019 378
Indonesia moves to ban sex outside marriage. Sep 19, 2019 499
Indonesia Moving To Ban Sex Outside Marriage. Sep 19, 2019 375
Arizona Court Rules In Favor Of Artists Who Refused To Make Same-Sex Wedding Invites. Sep 17, 2019 637
Lib Dems defend decision to allow Tory Dr Phillip Lee - who voted against same-sex marriage - into party. Sep 14, 2019 281
Most Slovaks support partnerships for everyone. Sep 12, 2019 368
North's first gay wedding on Valentine's. Sep 11, 2019 111
FIRST GAY WEDDING SET FOR VALENTINE'S DAY; Stormont row could see law change in 2020. Sep 11, 2019 324
Lesbian couple to be wed at mass wedding in northwest Taiwan. Sep 11, 2019 122
It takes divas and drama to make a good []; THE DIARY. Sep 10, 2019 102
It takes divas and drama []; THE DIARY. Sep 10, 2019 102
Sensitivity in teaching LGBTQ and history. Sep 9, 2019 244
Athletes excluded from events. Sep 6, 2019 215
Bersamin: Junked Falcis plea has no bearing on future same-sex marriage petitions. Sep 4, 2019 607
Ives is too extreme for 6th District. Sep 4, 2019 380
Ives is too extreme for 6th District. Sep 4, 2019 415
Ives is too extreme for 6th District. Sep 4, 2019 192
Kudos to the SC: A big no to same sex marriage. Sep 4, 2019 885
Transgender Woman Granted Long-Term Residency In Japan. Sep 4, 2019 454
Same-sex marriage petitioners cited in contempt by Supreme Court. Sep 3, 2019 399
SC unanimously shoots down same sex marriage. Sep 3, 2019 298
The Transgender Moment: A series of battles could change the meaning of "sex" under the law. Russell, Nicole Sep 1, 2019 1072
Marriage vote failure ripples through church: As some dioceses embrace local option to bless same-sex marriages, others affirm traditional view. Gardner, Matt Sep 1, 2019 1586
Quick dissension invites anarchy. Collins, David B. Sep 1, 2019 162
Ex-MP loses long libel battle with newspaper over racist comments. Aug 31, 2019 432
Queen's cousin claims royals 'don't discuss' his gay marriage which made history; Lord Ivar Mountbatten, who lives near Uffculme in Devon, married James Coyle last year and was given away by ex-wife Lady Penny Mountbatten. Aug 31, 2019 730
Poem penned especially for same-sex wedding. Aug 22, 2019 269
China's parliament rules out allowing same-sex marriage. Aug 21, 2019 466
Figures show fewer people getting married in Scotland. Aug 14, 2019 184
Image listing Taiwan as part of China reappears on UN's Twitter. Aug 11, 2019 354
UN women's site removes image describing Taiwan as 'Province of China'. Aug 10, 2019 226
UN women's site removes image describing Taiwan as 'Province of China'. Aug 10, 2019 224
Bill extends abortion, marriage. Aug 9, 2019 209
Coca-Cola ads promoting gay tolerance stir furore in Hungary. Aug 5, 2019 465
leo's pride SUNDAY 04.08.2019; Taoiseach joins march and hails 'NI at its best'. Aug 4, 2019 457
From Sodomy Laws to Same-Sex Marriage: International Perspectives Since 1798. Book review Aug 1, 2019 110
Bulgaria Court Recognises Same-sex Marriage in Landmark Ruling. Jul 27, 2019 313
Imee Marcos files own version of SOGIE bill; rejects same sex marriage, divorce bill. Jul 25, 2019 554
Macron gambles on cultural shift with bill allowing IVF for lesbians. Jul 24, 2019 572
Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg shared a family photo that left Liverpool FC fans raging; "MAKE IT STOP". Jul 21, 2019 322
ON THIS DAY. Jul 20, 2019 183
Church unhappy with SNP member over vote; RELIGION. Jul 20, 2019 207
'Same-sex marriage is on its way'. Jul 19, 2019 110
EQUAL MARRIAGE 'ON ITS WAY TO ULSTER..' Commons vote boost for activists. Jul 19, 2019 330
Random Thoughts | Yes to legal union, no to marriage for LGBTQ. Jul 19, 2019 1149
'God made us male and female... that can't be changed' Doctor in tribunal claims transgenderism is delusional. Jul 18, 2019 1107
UUP's appeal on Commons over impasse at Stormont. Jul 18, 2019 196
Grubby deal that snubs devolution. Jul 15, 2019 117
Increase in same-sex couples tying knot. Jul 15, 2019 254
Headliner act announced for Pride Cymru event. Jul 13, 2019 327

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