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Same-sex "spouses".

Ottawa--It is full speed ahead for "gay" rights promotion in Ottawa. As reported in our last issue, the Liberal government will proceed with same-sex "spouse" changes (how one "becomes" a "spouse" under this arrangement is not clear) without introducing new omnibus legislation (see Catholic Insight, April '99, pp. 22-23).

Wherever possible it will change the law by bureaucratic ruling, or otherwise introduce changes in individual Acts as hey come up for review, avoiding thereby a large political battle. It will slip individual departmental revisions through when nobody is looking.

In late March, Finance Minister Paul Martin announced that he is introducing administrative changes to the Income Tax Act and the Act governing the Canada Pension Plan.

Earlier, in June 1998, the government had decided not to appeal the 1998 ruling of the Ontario Court of Appeal in which the "learned" judges threw out sections of the Federal Income Tax Act that prevented "same-sex couples" from collecting survivor benefits from pension plans on the grounds that this was "discrimination." This is the socalled Rosenberg decision, named after the homosexual complainant of the same name.

What the financial bureaucrats will do is simply drop the words "of the opposite sex" from the Act's definition of spouse. Lawyers at the Ministry of Justice, who have been undermining the moral foundations of Canada's legal system for the last thirty years, think it's just a piece of cake. And so it will be.

Needless to say, if "spouses" are no longer deemed to be of the opposite sex, any weird combination of numbers will probably soon constitute "a family."
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Title Annotation:gay rights legislation in Ottawa, Ontario
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Date:May 1, 1999
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