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Same-sex "marriage" roundup.

Two Irish lesbians are attempting through the courts to force their government to recognize their September 2003 Canadian same-sex "marriage." Katherine Zappone and Ann Louise Gilligan had a hearing scheduled for October 3, 2006. They claim that their rights have been violated under the Irish Constitution, as well as the European Convention on Human Rights (LSN, Aug. 4, 2006). In England a similar request was turned down recently.

A comparison of two U.S. polls indicates that opposition to same-sex "marriage" and adoptions by homosexuals increased substantially over the span of a few months. By July, 2006, 56 per cent of Americans favoured the traditional definition of marriage, while just 35 per cent supported allowing homosexuals to "marry." As well, 52 per cent opposed homosexual adoptions (LSN, Aug. 17).

Gwen Landolt, the national vice-president of REAL Women of Canada, remarked that "Canada is becoming a repository for people in homosexual relationships," after a lesbian from India received permanent residency status in Canada in less than six months. The Times of India newspaper reported that "sexual preference" had helped the woman secure the permanent resident visa to Canada. The newspaper added this was at a time when applicants are normally "condemned to waiting endlessly for the coveted visa" (LSN, Aug. 21). (On September 1 the Toronto Sun reported that 150 HIV-positive attendees at the Toronto AIDS Conference in August had applied for "refugee" status in Canada.)

A group of 100 Christians gathered at Queen's Park in Toronto August 26 to support the revisiting of the same-sex "marriage" issue by Parliament. "Either you're for God or you're against God," Rev. Dominic Tse was quoted as saying. A spokesman said the event brought together representatives of Chinese, Greek, Korean, American and Italian communities (Tor. Sun, Aug. 27, 2006).

More than 900 people picketed the office of B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell in protest of mandatory changes to that province's high school curriculum that include the recognition of homosexuality as normal and acceptable. Some 15,000 signatures were collected on a petition by the Canadian Alliance for Social Justice and Family Values Association. Through the human rights process, two "married" homosexual men, Peter and Murray Corren, were given the exclusive right to recommend to the ministry of education their own "experts" in homosexuality for the curriculum revision process (LSN, Aug. 28).

A new 77-minute Canadian film, C-38: The Search for Marriage, is offering a professional exploration of 19 key aspects of the same-sex "marriage" and homosexuality issues. Independent Alberta film producer Eric Spoeth saw a need for a fair and thorough media investigation of what is at stake in the redefinition of a basic social institution. It is being highly recommended as a must for anyone who wants to better understand this crucial social issue. It also serves as an ideal classroom resource. For information on the film, go to (LSN, Aug. 28, 2006).

The federal government funded the 2006 Vancouver Queer Film Festival, which ran from August 17-27. Through the Department of Canadian Heritage, the festival received $23,000. Film titles included Deconstructing Crack Ho, Dyke After Dyke, Lesbians on Ecstasy and Toilet Sex in Canadian Cinema. The Department of Canadian Heritage has also funded the homosexual lobby group EGALE, (Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere), to the tune of $112,800 during 2004-2005 (LSN, August 29).

Jerusalem's city police announced they would not permit a "gay pride" parade to take place in that city on September 21. However, police said they would consider permitting the parade if organizers would submit other dates for the event. Plans to hold the controversial event close to the Jewish New Year had offended leaders in the Jewish community, who saw the choice as a deliberate affront to faithful Jews in the city. A new court-ordered date was set for November 10.

Note: In the coming municipal elections in Ontario, the candidate for Toronto Catholic School Trustee, Ward 9 (Beaches, East Toronto) is Karl Klemens. Clemens is a suspended priest and a homosexual activist (see C.I., Dec. 2005, p. 28).
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