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Same old, same old.

If you had a sense of deja vu after seeing the UL's "news" story about GOP guv hopeful Chris Sununu that recounted ancient history involving the investigation of a Waterville Valley investor post-9/11 and the disproved "terror" ties of related organizations, you weren't alone.

Let's go back to another ancient time, 14 years ago, when CS' bro, John E., was running to unseat Bob Smith in the GOP US Senate primary.

At the time, BS' campaign manager was a guy you may have heard of--Corey Lewandowski. It was in the spring of '02, and the BS peeps started feeding the media with a tome called, "John E. Sununu: A Pattern of Support for Radical Anti-Israel Causes Funded by Radical Islamic Fundamentalists."

Considering the Sununu family's track record, this stuff just never seems to stick. So why are they bothering once again?

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Title Annotation:FLOTSAM & JETSAM; Grand Old Party's old track records
Publication:New Hampshire Business Review
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Date:Sep 2, 2016
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