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Same Chemical-Free, Water-Purification Technology Funded by the Department of Homeland Security Kills Water-Borne Avian Flu.

A Recent Study Finds Vortex[R] Technology Destroys Avian Influenza A in Water

PRESCOTT, Ariz. -- Vortex Corporation, a global innovator of chemical-free water purification products for consumer and commercial use, today announced that its patented technology - currently funded by the Department of Homeland Security - effectively destroys the Avian Influenza A virus (commonly known as Bird Flu) in water.

Although a number of popular oxidizing agents such as chlorine would reduce the risk of a water-borne outbreak of Avian Flu, Vortex technology is unique in naturally destroying the highly infectious virus while eliminating the homeland security and health-related risks associated with chlorine and similar agents. In a recent study spearheaded by Vortex Corporation and the University of Minnesota, the company's photo-oxidation technology - mimicking the natural water purification phenomenon that occurs in the environment - was found to destroy the H9N9 subtype of Avian Influenza A in water. The H9N9 strain is comparable to the H5N1 subtype identified by the World Health Organization as potentially fatal to humans.

"This study demonstrates the feasibility of inactivating Avian Influenza A virus in water without introducing potentially harmful chemicals," said University of Minnesota Professor of Virology Sagar Goyal. "The Vortex technology was shown to inactivate avian influenza virus in tap water."

Avian Influenza A is an extremely contagious infection transmitted by bird species. In the rare instance that it is transmitted from birds to humans, the virus is capable of causing pneumonia, organ failure or even death. The World Health Organization reports that the potential exists for Avian Influenza A to mutate into a form that is easily spread from person to person via public water supplies.

"Our technology offers a solution to a myriad of public health concerns," said Vortex Corporation Chief Executive Officer Ray Denkewicz. "By combining the synergistic effects of ultraviolet light and ozone - both proven technologies, the Vortex system is an efficient alternative that can address the scale of a pandemic in a safer and more cost efficient way than current treatment methods in municipalities."

Vortex is currently under contract with the Department of Homeland Security to develop chlorine-free water purification systems for municipal use, leveraging the company's patented and scalable photo-oxidation technology for emergency preparedness and homeland security. The system has the potential to significantly reduce (or eliminate) our nation's dependency on chlorine as a primary disinfectant in water treatment. In recent studies, the storage and transportation of this agent have been identified as potential terrorism risks. Further, chlorinated byproducts have been linked to cancer.

About Vortex Corporation

Vortex Corporation ( is a global innovator of chemical-free air and water purification products for consumer and commercial use. Its product portfolio is based on a patented technology platform that reproduces the photo-oxidation process naturally occurring in the environment. The Vortex water purification system goes beyond simple filtration to catalyze ozone by ultra-violet light, destroying contaminates while infusing the water with fresh oxygen. The Company offers its Vortex Water Machine[TM] to consumers who want to ensure they are drinking the most pure and healthy water available. Its rugged Vortex Voyager[TM] portable unit delivers this same pristine quality drinking water from standing, unsanitary sources for remote use, whether in a recreational or emergency preparedness/disaster relief situation.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 2, 2006
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