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Samaritan law fight by dead boy's mum.

A GRIEVING mum who lost her only son is pushing for a Good Samaritan Law in Scotland.

Kay Reid's son Dwayne, 19, died last June from an ear infection after passers-by ignored his condition, assuming he was drunk.

Kay, who is fighting for a fatal accident inquiry into her son's death, believes a law forcing people to stop and help would have led to Dwayne getting life-saving treatment.

She said: "If my son had been helped sooner, I believe he would still be here today.

"How can we be a civilised society if we simply walk on by? The very least anyone could be obliged legally to do is to make a phone call to the police or ambulance service.

"I have been devastated by Dwayne's death. He was a young man ready to start a new job and with everything to live for."

Kay, 36,from Ayr, is to take her fight to the Scottish Parliament's petitions committee next month and has backing from MSPs of all parties.

Tory MSP Phil Gallie said: "There is a definite need for this, although I think it would be hard to enforce."

In France, a similar law was used against paparazzi who took photographs of the dying Princes Diana instead of helping her and her bodyguard.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 7, 2001
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