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Samantha sharing love of healthy food at new cafe.

Byline: Tom Houghton Reporter

A NEW cafe offering "clean eating", health cakes and a range of allergen-free food has opened its doors in Cardiff.

Cafe Nourish on Whitchurch Road opened on Tuesday and is the brain child of Samantha Ling, who wants to share her enthusiasm for healthy eating with others.

Ms Ling, who has lost six-and-a-half stone since January this year, is looking to show others that you can enjoy food and eat healthily at the same time.

In January this year, Ms Ling was 22-and-a-half stone, but is now 16 stone.

She vows to lose even more once her routine at the cafe has settled.

"I tried all of the conventional dieting groups but nothing seemed to work.

"I just had a complete diet change doing what was called the 'SOS 21 day fat loss plan',' cutting out all of the refined carbs, sugars and alcohol and adding in lots of vegetables."

Ms Ling joined SOS Personal Training in Rumney in January and said that with the help of coach Sam O'Sullivan she changed her diet and lost the weight.

She said: "At first, I couldn't do anything, so most of my exercise was walking. But then I got braver and hired a personal trainer and went to the gym too. It was brilliant. Now I will happily do all of the boot camps and anything that's thrown at me. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

"It was also so much to do with the new diet, that really taught me about food, and that's what I want to share with people."

Cafe Nourish is open for breakfast and lunch, and serves a variety of alternative meals to eat in and take away, and Ms Ling said the menu was "fairly compact but with a lot of variety".

Its breakfast offering includes eggs benedict, a "Cafe Nourish spin" on a cooked breakfast, steak and eggs, and protein pancakes. Lunch options include a salad box, jamobolaya, beef and broccoli, and baked sweet potato.

Ms Ling, a former environmental health officer from Pentwyn, said: "The message is that of clean, eating healthy options, but we like treats too. And we aim to make our treats healthier, be that gluten free, gelatin free or otherwise.

"We try not to use sugar but do in some products, and it's all homemade as we aim to buy in as little as possible."

Ms Ling added: "I think it is an emerging trend eating this type of food, and people are getting more and more into it.

"I was overweight but I found someone to teach me about food, so I could learn about proteins and carbs, and I've lost sixand-a-half stone. I'm now really enthusiastic about it and want to pass that enthusiasm on to others.

"You can eat healthily and enjoy it at the same time, and there's no reason to just eat chicken and broccoli. All you need is a varied diet."


Before and after: Samantha Ling has lost six-and-a-half stone since January

One of the dishes available at Cafe Nourish

Cafe Nourish on Whitchurch Road, Cardiff, offers healthy eating SAMANTHA LING

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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 5, 2015
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