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Sam Goody Launches `Bad-Gift Givers Anonymous' Web Site.

MINNEAPOLIS -- Retailer Designed to Help Cure "Bad-Gift Givers Syndrome"

It happens time and again during the holidays, well-intentioned gift givers pass off ill-conceived gifts, such as tube socks or clown art, as great gifts. Recipients of such gifts are often disappointed and, until now, had very few avenues to educate and reform their family members, friends or relatives that continually give bad gifts. Help is finally here! As part of Sam Goody's quest to rid the world of bad gifts, the retailer has launched, a site full of information to help cure "Bad-Gift Givers Syndrome."

"We created 'Bad-Gift Givers Anonymous' as a public service aimed at all repeat-offender, bad-gift givers," said Laurie Bauer of Sam Goody. "It is our hope the Web site can help right some past bad-gift giving wrongs and prevent new bad-gift giving mishaps."

The newly-launched Web site contains the following links:

--Hall of Shame -- Provides a list and photos of the 10 worst gifts collected at last year's Bad-Gift Boycott and serves as a warning to careless shoppers.

--Bad-Gift Givers - Lists the types of bad-gift givers such as "The Procrastinator," and gives suggestions to avoid falling into the same bad-gift giving trap year after year.

--Survey Results - Lists the findings of a gift-giving survey conducted by Sam Goody. Who is hardest to shop for? Who gives the best gifts?

--Remarks -- A comprehensive list of replies when opening a bad gift such as "You REALLY shouldn't have!"

--Cures - A program, in steps, to cure "Bad-Gift Givers Syndrome." The message to all bad gift givers is, "There is hope."

--Great Gifts - A list of great gift suggestions for everyone in the family.

--Sweepstakes - Provides details of the online sweepstakes which will run from December 27, 2004, to January 10, 2005. The best/worst bad-gift stories will win gift cards from Sam Goody.

About Sam Goody

Sam Goody stocks an overwhelming selection of music in every genre, from new releases and best sellers to classics and everything in between. Sam Goody, a division of Musicland Group Inc., operates more than 500 retail stores in 48 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and online at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 16, 2004
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