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Salvo, Sarajevo.

Salvo, Sarajevo the grinning gaunt of war the yawning skulls of soldiers -- so-called soldiers, cruel -- Salvo, salvo, Sarajevo their feet, their boots, in mire enmeshed in putrid pus and mire of their own making soldiers, so-called... Salvo, salvo And in the rooms, the politicians Salvo, salvo, salvo 'let's talk of peace' -- salvo.

Bullets bespatter the children's playground -- another mother killed 'for we are soldiers, firing on civilians, unarmed, helpless, innocent --' Salvo again. And in the rooms, the politicians...

Blind might of bullets -- Where were they made? In Belgium, France or Italy? in England, Spain or USA? or from Russia, down the Danube? Salvo, Sarajevo It matters not for devils incarnate have killed the souls and hearts and minds of millions bought the politicians, bundled up the workers in the ammunition factories of the world 'to improve the economy', 'reduce unemployment' -- kill and, Salvo Sarajevo.

Salve Regina, Mater Misericordie Salve, save our souls, S.O.S. Salve, salve, salve the only answer to the salvo Salve Sarajevo, Queen of Peace Salve Sarajevo, Salve.

Philip Vickers, London, February 1994.
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Author:Vickers, Philip
Publication:Contemporary Review
Date:Jun 1, 1994
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