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Salvation Army in the spotlight.

THE Loughborough Welsh Society began it's New Meeting Schedule with a talk by David Pearce on the Salvation Army.

As well as a member of the Welsh Society, David is also a strong Salvationist and plays in the local Army Brass Band.

David began his talk with a brief description on the founding and development of the Salvation Army by William and Catherine Booth.

William Booth was a Methodist Minister who being unhappy devoting himself to a regular Parish, much prefered to be more of a traveling Evangelist Preacher. Having fallen out with his leaders he moved to the East End of London and established the Christian Mission. Much of his work was amongst the poor of the area, and he faced a lot of opposition in the early years, often returning home tired and bleeding from being attacked. Eventually his fortunes changed and in 1878 the Christian Mission became the Salvation Army with himself as it's first General.

Being aware of the situation of the people in South Wales he sent one of his trusted fellows, Pamela Shepherd, to the Valleys.

Pamela founded the Salvation Army in Aberdare, and became much loved by the local people who named her "Mother Shepherd".

She spent her life in the Valleys until her death aged 93 years old, when thousands attended her funeral.

Later William sent Pamela's daughter Kate and her friend Louisa Lock on a mission to the Rhondda Valley where they became known as the "Hallelujah Lasses", where their meetings were full of music and singing as well as preaching.

David went on to say that he grew up in the Valleys and joined the local Salvation Army and played in the Brass Band from an early age.

He has also lived in Southern England and of course played in local bands there.

Thanking David for his very interesting presentation, Jane Jones, society president, told Members it was good to be back and hoped they would enjoy the future meetings in the programme.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Loughborough Echo (Loughborough, England)
Date:Oct 10, 2018
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