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Saltburn fixed it for Jimmy.


SALTBURN has been a much-loved seaside town for generations.

And it has now lost one of its greatest fans - Sir Jimmy Savile.

The veteran broadcaster passed away last week aged 84.

He lived in Leeds and was famed for his distinctive style and love of cigars. But the DJ also had another passion - Saltburn.

The Jim'll Fix It star even put his success down to the small town and said it was where he got his "first taste of the grand life".

He wrote to Saltburn resident Mike Morrissey, to share his love of the town which he described as a "magic place".

Sir Jimmy's aunt Meg married Bill Kelly, of Middlesbrough stockbrokers Stancliffe's, who lived at Teddy's Nook, a large villa overlooking the pier. Sir Jimmy visited Teddy's Nook regularly and enjoyed holidays in the area with his cousins.

Mr Morrissey, 82, a retired Gazette journalist, was due to give a talk on Saltburn in the 1990s and wrote to Sir Jimmy to ask about his experiences. Sir Jimmy replied and said: "Saltburn, Teddy's Nook and the Kellys was my first taste of the grand life. Such space inside and out, such views.

"Auntie Meg was my mother's sister. By a fluke she married someone called Kelly, the same as her maiden name.

"Coming from a low-income family (in those days we were called 'poor') the Kelly household had a great effect on me.

"One of my first pre-teen feelings was 'if it's possible for them, surely it must be possible for me'.

"And so it proved, but my bit of success would have been impossible had I not seen it at Saltburn first. All my cousins were quite super and all in all it was a magic experience in a magic place." As a PS, Sir Jimmy wrote: "I often sneak into town disguised as Robert de Niro."

Delighted Mr Morrissey said: "I was really surprised when I got a reply.

"It is a lovely insight into why he had ambition - going to that house and looking out over the sea.

"Teddy's Nook is well known round here and it isn't a surprise that Sir Jimmy was impressed with it. It has a beautiful view over the pier."


Pictures above by KATIE LUNN LETTER: Jim wrote to Mike Morrissey, above AMBITION: Sir Jimmy Savile, below, said Saltburn and views over the pier, below left, gave him his first tast of the 'grand life'
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Nov 3, 2011
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