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Salt Lake City Looks Toward Year 2000.

In February, members and guests of the Salt Lake City Chapter gathered for a program entitled "The Year 2000 or Y2K Bug." Featured speakers were Scott Rowley from the Utah State Tax Commission and Utah Senator Robert Bennett.

Mr. Rowley, the State Tax Commission's Director of Information Technology Management, discussed the challenges the commission has faced in addressing the Y2K problem. The Utah State Tax Commission was first alerted to this issue in 1990, and approved it as an official project in 1996. Legislative funding for Y2K was received in 1998. Owing to this awareness, detailed assessment and planning, and a coordinated effort, the commission is well on its way to getting its 3,700 major mainframe tax programs Y2K compliant. Mr. Rowley reported that Utah is in the top six among all states for Y2K readiness.

As chairman of the Senate Committee on Y2K Problems, Sen. Bennett encouraged us those in attendance to contact community leaders, banks, employers, and suppliers to determine whether they are Y2K compliant. In Sen. Bennett's opinion, Y2K should be a number one priority. The Senator reported that in the United States, power, telephone, financial, transportation, and most other large systems and organizations are in good shape with respect to Y2K. Disruptions, if any, should be pockets of disruption rather than widespread problems. The one area worldwide with the most potential for Y2K difficulties is the health care industry, he said. Sen. Bennett foresees that there will be some Y2K problems domestically, but feels that the most significant Y2K problems will occur overseas and will have an effect on worldwide economic growth. As problems occur, he said, Y2K is also likely to put humanitarian demands on the United States to help less prepared areas repair Y2K damage. The Senator concluded his remarks with a very informative update on various tax and other legislative issues.

The meeting was well attended, and provide the chapter with useful information and an increased awareness of Y2K and other important issues.
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Publication:Tax Executive
Date:Mar 1, 1999
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