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Salmon, Michael: Bobo My Superdog.

** SALMON, Michael Bobo My Superdog Ford St, 2011 unpaged $19.95 ISBN 9781921665394 SCIS 1506487


Disguised as fun-loving, bone-burying, ball-chewing, park-walking, possum-patrolling dog-movie aficionado--family pet Bobo has a secret shared by only one other. Who is this 'failed-puppy-school-training-dog' in mask and cloak made from an old beach towel? Does he possess super powers? It's Super Bo! Meanwhile from the Super-Bo screen in his doghouse the 'HELP NEEDED' alarm sounds with its high-pitched warning sound that only Super Bo can hear. Super Bo springs into action. Saving damsels from fire-breathing dragons, saving the passengers aboard a moon-cruise tourist bus, saving a family of Amazon jungle explorers from Anacondas--all this before saving the Lost Dogs Home! As if this wasn't enough, now Emma Jones is missing on her fourth grade picnic. But wait, there goes the alarm again--it's the police chief. A gigantic slime monster ...

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Author:Davey, Graham
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Article Type:Book review
Date:Aug 1, 2011
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