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Salinas to Carmel to cannery row ... Steinbeck country.

From the fertile fields of the Salinas Valley to the canneries of Monterey, John Steinbeck drew from the places and faces of his homeland to create many of his works: The Pastures of Heaven, To a God Unknown, Tortilla Flat, In Dubious Battle, Of Mice and Men, The REd Pony, The Long Valley, Cannery Row, East of Eden, and Sweet Thursday.

A visit to his home turf, somewhat changed but still recognizable, helps bring his characters to life.

You can explore on your own with help from materials from the John Steinbeck Library. Or take special walking or bus tours during a Steinbeck Festival in his hometown, Salinas.

The festival, August 2 to 6, revitalizes and celebrates the works of this gifted Nobel and Pulitzer prize winner. Filmed versions of his works, lectures, and bus and walking tours are all included.

Plan to visit the Steinbeck library and its archives, 110 W. San Luis Street in Salinas, to see photographs, memorabilia, first editions, and original manuscripts. In addition to paperback editions of his works for sale, two helpful pamphlets are available: Guide to Steinbeck Country ($5) and Steinbeck Country--four one-day, self-guided tours (50 cents).

Guide to Steinbeck Country includes maps and locations pertaining to the characters' lives and the authors' life. Steinbeck Country suggests driving tours: through the salad bowl of the nation, from the harbor to the heights, from the valley to the sea, along the path of the past.

The library is open 10 to 9 Mondays through Thursdays, 10 to 6 Fridays and Saturdays.

You can also have lunch in the house where Steinbeck was born in 1902 and spent his first 19 years. Built in 1897, STeinbeck House (132 Central Avenue) is now restored and operated as a luncheon restaurant by a nonprofit charitable organization, Valley Guild. Seatings are at 11:45 and 1:15 weekdays. Reservations are required; call (408) 424-2735. Group tours of the house can be arranged.

In the basement, a boutique sells a variety of items, including The Steinbeck House Cookbook ($16.95), which features recipes using local ingredients and ones particularly favored by the novelist.

The five days of the Steinbeck Festival

For a detailed brochure on the festival, write to the Steinbeck Center, John Steinbeck Library, 110 W. San Luis St., Salinas 93901, or call (408) 758-7311.

Bus tours leave at 9, return at 5; $15, including lunch. Space is limited; to sign up, send your check to the Steinbeck Center; give first and second choice of days.

Walking tours leave at 9 from the library, take about 3 hours; free.

Other events are held at the Salinas Community Center, 940 N. Main Street. A $1 donation is requested per film; lectures and panel discussions are free.

Friday, August 2. Opening celebration and reception with community leaders, scholars, program participants, 5:30 to 7:30 P.M. Donations at the door.

Saturday, August 3. Bus and walking tours of Salinas, 9 A.M.

Films: Red Pony (1949), 10 A.M.; Flight (1978), 2 P.M.

Lectures: Graham Wilson talks about the making of Flight, 1 P.M.; remarks from Efrain Ramirez, star of Flight, 3 P.M.

Speech: Robert De Mott on "East of Eden's place in the American literary tradition," 7 P.M.

Sunday, August 4. Bus tour of Monterey and walking tour of Salinas, 9 A.M.

Films: Grapes of Wrath (1940), 10 A.M.; Treasure Island, 1 P.M.

Lecture: Robert Ricklefs on "A Steinbeck-Stevenson Connection," 3 P.M.

Panel discussion on the background of In Dubious Battle, 7 P.M.

Monday, August 5. Bus and walking tours of Salinas, 9 A.M.

Films: Viva Zapata (1952), 10 A.M.; East of Eden (1955), 1 P.M.

Lecture: Art Ring on "Search for Camelot," 3 P.M.

Panel: An evening with friends, including personal friends of John Steinbeck, 7 P.M.

Tuesday, August 6. Bus tour of Monterey and walking tour of Salinas, 9 A.M.

Films: The Moon is Down (1943), 10 A.M.; A Medal for Benny (1945), 3 P.M.

Lectures: Edwin Schmitz, "Joy of Collecting Steinbeck," 1 P.M.; Tetsumano Hayashi on "Steinbeck and the Vietnam War," 7 P.M.

Closing remarks, festival summary, 8 P.M.
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Title Annotation:Steinbeck Festival
Date:Jul 1, 1985
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