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Salesnet Announces Significant Product Upgrades to Enterprise On-Demand CRM Solution; New Product Enhancements Deliver Customers Superior Functionality - Preview Salesnet's Upcoming 25th Anniversary Edition Release.

BOSTON -- Salesnet, the leading provider of on-demand CRM software focused on driving sales effectiveness, today announced a significant upgrade to its enterprise product offering, introducing over 50 product enhancements designed to improve the end-user experience. These new product additions also serve as a precursor to Salesnet's upcoming 25th Anniversary Edition anticipated for a winter release, which will include over 250 wide ranging features that broaden Salesnet's CRM footprint into Campaign Management, Lead Management, Product Catalogs, Order Management, and much more.

"These latest product enhancements uphold Salesnet's 'continuous improvement' philosophy in addressing overall system usability, performance and reliability," said Jonathan Tang, President and Co-Founder at Salesnet. "It is this philosophy that will also be the impetus for the upcoming Anniversary enhancements of the Salesnet on-demand product, and will represent the most extensive enhancement in the company's history."

In this current release, Salesnet is introducing over 50 direct feature product enhancements to its flagship on-demand CRM solution, each geared toward their enterprise customers. The focus of this release is designed to streamline the end-user experience, further simplifying configurations and adding more flexibility to the Salesnet solution.

Key new product enhancements include:

--Deal Fields in Communication Manager - Allows users to easily create proposals, quotes, and opportunity summary documents using the Salesnet MS Word integration, at four times the speed.

--Custom Field Enhancements - Allows even finer-grain control of custom field attributes: user/position-based default values, user/position-based access to individual dropdown field values.

--Reporting Privileges - Includes the ability to control multiple levels of access to the reporting engine.

--Deal Import Wizard - Includes the capability to create and import deal records, extensive to round-robin 'deals' to sales groups within the organization and newly added ability to "stagger" deal creation across a period of time.

--Formulas within Formulas - A second release of its calculated fields feature which enhances the capacity for companies to calculate values based on other fields by using embedded calculated fields within other calculated fields.

--Record-to-Record Relationships - Includes extensive capabilities to define record relationships between like objects (i.e. Parent Company" & "Subsidiary). This feature also offers the ability to create and define different kinds of relationships within the application such as hierarchical and list based and allows users to relate one deal to another deal (i.e. upsell, cross-sell.)

--Account/Contact/Deal Update Tool -Allows customers to update existing records in Salesnet in bulk, which is ideal for companies that frequently need to update the customer address and contact information from an external data source.

--Navigation and Performance Enhancements - Includes many navigational enhancements that reduce the number of clicks needed to accomplish a given task.

"Sixty percent of our inquiries are from companies that have a CRM solution in place, but are not satisfied with its performance. We have always promoted Salesnet as an alternative to competitive solutions with confidence and with these impressive new features Salesnet has made the sell that much easier," said Ian Hendry, Director at Entelegen Ltd, a Salesnet partner. "All of the enhancements are outstanding, however, most significant for our customers is the 'Deal Import' function, which simplifies migration from other contact management and CRM systems, broadens the number of deals a sales team can manage, and expedites the sales cycle."

In addition to the new enhancements, Salesnet also announced today, the launch of the latest version of their industry-leading OEM private labeling product, Salesnet OEM v.2 which includes several significant enhancements that enable partners to more easily brand the solution and gain immediate ownership of their customer relationships. (See also 'Salesnet Unveils Latest Version Of Private Labeling Product - Salesnet OEM V.2' - August 8, 2005.)

About Salesnet's 25th Anniversary Edition

The new features encompassed in the upcoming 25th Anniversary Edition, while anticipated for a winter release, can be previewed via a dedicated website. Beginning this month, this website will reveal several new features each week for Salesnet customers and prospective customers to review, culminating in the 250th feature being uncovered directly prior to the launch of the 25th Anniversary Edition. For more information, please visit

About Salesnet

Salesnet, the leading provider of on-demand CRM software focused on driving sales effectiveness, delivers solutions that empower companies to sell more. Since 2000, Salesnet's hosted CRM solutions have served as proven alternatives to expensive, complex, packaged or premise-based CRM software. Organizations such as American Express Incentive Services, Birch Telecom, Software AG, Sovereign Bank, and Tellabs use Salesnet to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability of global sales organizations. Salesnet's Guided Performance Selling (GPS) strategy leverages software-as-a-service, configuration-as-a-service(TM), integration-as-a-service(TM), and administration-as-a-service(TM) to offer products and services designed to drive the fastest ROI in the CRM industry. In addition, Salesnet's exclusive Customer Success Roadmap strategy is aimed at driving ongoing business value with on-demand CRM. Salesnet, headquartered in Boston, provides additional information on its products and services at:
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 8, 2005
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