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Sales of electronic goods up 20%.

Sales of household electronics goods such as TV sets, refrigerators, AC and washing machines rose 4%-20% in the first half of this year from the same period last year. Growth was recorded in all segment of TV set market with a sharper growth in the sales of 14" to 29" types. In the first six months fo this year 14" TV sets accounted for 44% of the total sales of TV down from a portion of 46% last year. Sales of 14" TV sets rose only 0.6% as against an increase of 23% in the sales of 20", 39% in the sales of 21" and 58% in the sales of 29". The higher increase in the sales of larger size TV sets followed the decline in the price and the trend toward production of broad screen TV set by producers.
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Comment:Sales of electronic goods up 20%.
Publication:Indonesian Commercial Newsletter
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Date:Aug 13, 2002
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