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Enforced Performance of Commercial Sales Contracts in the Netherlands, Singapore and China. Feb 1, 2022 239
Two, Three, or Four Prongs? The Contractual Defense of Unilateral Mistake in Florida. Carrier, Paul; Marin, Matthew Nov 1, 2021 4645
ICF renews its sales contracts of aluminum fluoride on world market. Jul 27, 2020 200
Echo Energy extends gas sales contracts in Argentina at big premium. Jun 30, 2020 177
Accounting for Sales with Contingent Obligations: Methods and Considerations. Josey, Stephen A. Column May 1, 2020 2134
Forest Service Announces Timber Sale Contract Relief. Riddle, Anne A. Apr 1, 2020 1218
Mediation was condition precedent for contract suit. Feb 10, 2019 714
Contract - Injunction - Purchase agreement. Nov 14, 2018 421
Centrus Energy secures new nuclear fuel sales contracts worth $85M-$110M. Nov 12, 2018 225
Contract - Parol evidence rule - Mutual mistake. Oct 24, 2018 441
SCV: Infinity value made formula unenforceable. Lightle, Rebecca M. Apr 16, 2018 1751
My favorite case to teach: a literal "Gateway" for students to learn contract formation, contract terms, and legal realism. Keating, Daniel Jan 1, 2017 6327
NF Energy Saving secures USD600,000 in sales contracts in China. Aug 19, 2016 154
NF Energy Saving Corporation enters into new supply sales contracts with five companies in China. Apr 13, 2016 160
Decommissioning of anodising plant. Brief article Oct 1, 2015 139
OC releases guidance on 'cooling-off' period. McCormick, Emily Brief article Sep 12, 2015 225
Ultra Electronics USSI, Sparton Corporation get USD16.1m in foreign sales contracts. Aug 18, 2015 340
CPEX. Brief article Dec 31, 2014 167
Million dollar deals. Statistical table Feb 21, 2014 733
Comparative study to possible terminates the contract by theory of anticipated breach in convention on international sale of goods (1980) in rights of France, Iran, Britain and America. Shirani, Masoud; Chekab, Gholam Nabi Feyzi; Taghizade, Ebrahim; Yazdaniyan, Alireza; Ahmadi, Jalal S Report Oct 1, 2013 7222
KCA expresses concern over suspension of export sales contracts of raw cotton. Jul 29, 2012 413
Etalon sales contracts. Jul 18, 2012 186
(Asset) buyer beware.: warning to buyers of going businesses: you may be buying some of your sellers' liabilities. Here are some notable risks, along with steps buyers can take to protect themselves. Abrams, Sherwin D. Dec 1, 2010 936
Limitation of sales warranties as an alternative to intellectual property rights: an empirical analysis of iPhone warranties' deterrent impact on consumers. Roark, Marc L. Nov 15, 2010 14765
Dirty medicine: how medical supply behemoths stick it to the little guy, making America's health care system more dangerous and expensive. Blake, Mariah Cover story Jul 1, 2010 6549
The implied warranty of habitability in Illinois: a critical review: this article reviews the implied warranty of habitability for Illinois homebuyers from the perspective of counsel for builders and sellers. It also discusses important unanswered questions about the warranty. Price, Roger L.; Pinkston, M. Ryan Feb 1, 2010 3894
oneworld can now complete sales contracts with corporate customers electronically. Dec 8, 2009 104
Commercial lawsuits. Oct 1, 2009 601
Income from sales or settlements of life insurance contracts. Beatty, Dawn M. Oct 1, 2009 2770
Legal nuggets. Allegra, Francis M. Column Jul 1, 2009 1770
AT&T eager to extend iPhone deal with Apple. Brief article Apr 15, 2009 141
Air France-KLM and Delta sign joint sales contracts across Europe. Jan 16, 2009 116
Evergreen Solar Signs Two Long-Term Sales Contracts. Oct 17, 2008 233
Winning the battle of the forms: many business-to-business contracts are formed by the combination of price quotations, purchase orders, and invoices, each of which can contain terms that conflict with the others. This article reviews typical "battle of the forms" issues under the Illinois UCC and helps parties increase the chance that their terms will control. Ryan, William J.; Thornton, John B. Jul 1, 2008 4033
Review your sales contracts to reclaim unpaid goods; LEGAL & FINANCE. May 30, 2008 498
What investors look for. Feb 4, 2008 646
Commercial lawsuits. Dec 1, 2007 292
Septic rules change for waterfront sales. Brief article Aug 17, 2007 162
INDUSTRIAL NEW ORDERS DOWN. Brief article Nov 23, 2006 108
The tale of a Hebrew typewriter. Miller, Philip E. Jan 1, 2006 1079
Besen & Associates, Inc. Brief Article Sep 28, 2005 94
11 Hotel contracts. Jan 1, 2004 4600
October 2002 book-to-bill. Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 137
Primer for exporters: international sales contracts. (Exporting Better). Myller, Rolf Oct 1, 2002 1001
November book-to-bill. Feb 1, 2002 201
Implied conditions in sale of goods legislation. Swais, Nishan Dec 1, 1999 725

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