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Sailors who converted ratings promoted well to chief petty officer.

Sailors who have converted to new ratings as part of the signalman (SM) rating disestablishment have promoted well to chief petty officer.

Of the 88 E-6 SMs who converted to other rates in advance of the rating disestablishment, 44.3 percent made chief petty officer in their new rating, including 16 each in the quartermaster and master-at-arms ratings. Overall advancement opportunity to E-7 was 21.9 percent.

"The leadership skills a Sailor learns in any rating translate across the fleet," said Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (SS/AW) Terry Scott. "These advancement rates show those affected by rating changes remain competitive. Leadership and superior performance, in whatever job you do, are what we're looking for in our senior enlisted leaders,"

"This is great news for our Sailors and the Navy," said VADM Gerry Hoewing, Chief of Naval Personnel "What this board proves about selection is clear, skills may be rating specific but leadership is essential."

"These rating changes part of a larger effort to ensure we provide the fleet with the right skill mix; said Hoewing, "Ratings should reflect Sailors' skill sets and duties performed; aligning our ratings to the changing technology and growing skills is the purpose behind these rating changes."

Future rating mergers are being studied, including the disbursing clerk (DK) and personnelman (PN) ratings, now in the approval process. Merging DK/PN will provide the fleet specialists needed to provide the best possible service in terms of personnel records.

Another proposed merger is that of the hospital corpsman and dental technician into a single medical service personnel rating.

Also under study is the feasibility of making one mass communication rating by merging journalist, draftsman, photographer's mate and lithographer ratings into one, as well as rolling the yeoman, legalman, religious programs specialist and cryptologic technician (administration) into one administrative rate.

Story courtesy of the public affairs office, Chief of Naval Personnel.
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Title Annotation:Around the Fleet
Publication:All Hands
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Date:Nov 1, 2004
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