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Sailing crusade.

A MIDDLESBROUGH businessman is on a crusade to help a North East sail training charity encourage the region's young people to learn an exciting new skill.

Sir Harry Wilmot, 43, from Great Broughton, is the latest well-known North East business person to join Ocean Youth Trust North East (OYT NE) as a new trustee for the organisation.

Director of Middlesbrough-based fire protection and home security system provider, HE Woolley, Sir Wilmot has enjoyed sailing since he was a child. In his new role he hopes that he can encourage others to become involved in the sport.

He said: "Despite its immediate access to the ocean, people don't necessarily think of sailing when they think of Middlesbrough. Unfortunately this means that many youngsters are missing out on the opportunity to explore an exciting and challenging pastime. I aim to work with OYT NE to help change this."

As the father of a young family of three, Sir Wilmot often enjoys going sailing with his family and believes that the skills learned on the water can benefit young people in a variety of ways.

He said: "Handling a boat or a yacht requires discipline, effort and teamwork.

The lessons learned aboard a ship can be very important in day-today life and help to give youngsters a focus on their education and future.

"I hope that in my new position at OYT NE I am able to direct many more youngsters towards the organisation so that they can take advantage of the fantastic opportunities available."

Steve Lennon, general manager of OYT NE, said: "We are always looking at new ways of getting people interested in what we do. Sir Wilmot's influence in Teesside will be a great help in getting the OYT NE name out in the community."


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Title Annotation:Business
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 7, 2010
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