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Sagittarius; November 23-December 22.


Looking at Pamela's birth chart, it's no wonder she did so well on Strictly. Her vivacious Sagittarian Sun is in sharp angle to action planet Mars and the strictest of planets, old Saturn, both of whom were in precision-seeking Virgo as she was born, making an almost military aspect. This wacky, fun-loving lady could run a boot camp. She has her Moon in Taurus, adding warmth, but she's devastatingly hard on herself and her dancing experience has probably been more therapeutic than years of analysis. 2011 has magnificent opportunities for her to fly high, carrying on into 2012.

You are a pretty adaptable, resilient character with a strong bounce-back rating. Just as well, given that since 2003, shake-up planet Uranus has been travelling over the doorway of your chart marked "sanctuary".

Your home and family life has been an area of constant change and reversal and at times your own impulsiveness has led you into scrapes. But ruler planet Jupiter often helps you find a few silver linings.

Between January 22 and June 4, Jupiter will lighten things up. From an unsettled domestic phase will come a determination to make life work better on every level. Expect domestic improvements in the second half of 2011.

If you are one of those jolly centaurs who loves life but would appreciate a physical improvement, you'll find the focus you need thanks to the lure of a special occasion or a turning point that opens a door for you around the June 15 total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, if not before.

SAGITTARIUS LOVE Lusty Mars rules romance for you, which tends to bring a high sex drive and a preference for a go-getting mate, and this year's cosmos is stacked with opportunities. Jupiter revs up romance from January 22 until June 4, vowing to make life more adventurous. From March 12, it is intensified and whirlwind affairs orrecklessmomentscouldraiseeyebrows.Youjustcan't be doing with dull or comfortable, not this spring/ summer, anyway.

Your independent spirit will dazzle and it may be hard for mere mortals to keep up with you, so you might want to watch for times when your impatience ignites sparks of the fiery sort.

June's eclipses, added to the transit of Mars across your partner zone, set the stage for marital sort-outs, new partnerships and altered priorities by the year end. Jupiter's plan is to enrich and revitalise your world.

One more thing: expansion planet Jupiter will spend time this spring in your horoscope house of kids and friends. Both could multiply.

SAGITTARIUS CAREER The word "revival" is symbolic in 2011. You could be getting a previous career back on track or going back to work after a break. Things liven up in March, especially between 12-19 . There may be one plan that doesn't take off immediately but that will only fire you up for a chapter that begins in August, when you really could make that breakaway move.

This in turn gives way to the November solar eclipse when sweeping changes are forecast to improve your lot in life.

If you are job seeking, it may be well worth your while check out the world of accounting, resources, local government, forestry and agriculture.

You could also do well with work connected to skincare, health, hygiene and wellbeing.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 2, 2011
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