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Safety switches for where size is important.

New safety switches from Euchner feature compact, reinforced thermoplastic bodied designs, ideal for applications on very small machines. The versatile NQ and TQ sedes can fit in spaces where it would be impractical to install other guard locking solutions. The TQ switch has a body size of 75mm square x 15mm thick. It incorporates five internal switching contacts with optional locking mechanisms of guards locked or released by spring force when used in conjunction with the internal energised solenoid. The switch incorporates a 'status condition' LED, and accommodates a vertical actuator approach and mechanical key release of guard locking with a three directional approach. Where guard locking is not anticipated, the smaller NQ series can be used. This has a body size of 78x30x 15 mm and three internal switching contacts. Common actuators are used with both switches, which include a single straight actuator with two optional right-angled actuators, one of which is incorporated with mounting plate. They are suitable for applications with a minimum door swing radius of 160mm, with locking forces of up to 500N achieved.,, Tel: 0114 256 0123

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Date:Mar 1, 2009
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