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Safety harnesses.


Maintenance Requirement Card (MRC) for safety harnesses (parachute and cross-over type) MIP: 6231/001 MRC: S-1R contains requirements for marking harnesses and lanyards with the in-service date (month/year) using a permanent marker and logging these dates into a Fall Protection Equipment Log. In accordance with the PMS, "For initial in-service inspection, the harness must be permanently marked with a date placed in service in the month/year format and enter service date of harness into Fall Protection Equipment Log." Best practice for marking harnesses, safety and working lanyards is: hull number (e.g. 743) - division (e.g. WK01) - 001 (sequential numbering for all harnesses and lanyards) followed by the month/year the unit was placed in service. For example "743-WK01-001-07/07." The intent of the PMS card is to have the safety harness, safety lanyard, and working lanyard numbered together (e.g. all of the items would have been same serial number matching (e.g. 001 on the three items). If the initial in-service date is not known, mark the harness and lanyards with estimated in-service date or the current date. There are two active safety harness advisories on NAVSEASYSCOM message DTG 280905Z JUN 07 and DTG 151155Z OCT 08. These messages are available on our website under
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Date:Jul 1, 2009
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