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Safety first for Queens firm.

A-Tronix, Corp, an international fire and life safety company headquartered in Queens, New York, has been named the first U.S. licensed distributor of SigniFire[TM], the newest technology in early detection of fire and smoke, announces Rafael E. Alfau, president of A-Tronix.

SigniFire[TM], a product of axonX, LLC, utilizes video image smoke and flame detection (VISFD) technology, providing early detection of fire and smoke by analyzing video in real time.

SigniFire[TM] can be interfaced with conventional fire alarm systems to provide early notification and when interfaced with a fire extinguishing system, it accomplishes fire control at the smoldering stage, the earliest stage of a fire.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has proclaimed VISFD the most important advancement in fire and smoke detection as witnessed by its quick adoption to NFPA 72-2007, the National Fire Alarm Code.

According to Alfau, "SigniFire[TM] is poised to revolutionize how flame and smoke is detected. Tests comparing the product with other video image and spot-type detection systems concluded that SigniFire[TM] responded faster, by 4 to 7.5 minutes, to a smoldering source and to more fires than all other conventional detection systems currently available."

SigniFire[TM] is proactive. Rather than relying on smoke particles physically reaching the smoke detectors, it "sees" the flames and smoke.

This fundamental difference gives VISFD systems many minutes of lead-time that will save both life and property allowing an operator to verify the situation instantaneously from the images on his computer screen.

In addition, SigniFire[TM] technology records the incident from its initial stages, offering post-event analysis, crucial to prohibiting a recurrence. And, as a bonus, SigniFire[TM] doubles as an intrusion detection system, safeguarding property, stock and documents.

In this age of heightened terror alert, SigniFire[TM] is crucial to the protection of life and property. Applications that immediately come to mind are tunnels, subway systems, offshore oilrigs, nuclear power facilities, ships, airplane hangars and terminals, high profile office buildings and electrical plants.
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Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Dec 13, 2006
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