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Lawyers' Covid-19 safety concern in courts. Jan 7, 2021 254
Lawyer to sue city hotel after security guard attacked, left him for dead. Nov 24, 2020 1014
IBP to help lawyers handle stress, improve security. Nov 13, 2020 479
IBP vows to improve security of lawyers, help them cope with stress. Nov 12, 2020 257
Lawyer fears for court safety. JAMES WYLLIE Sep 29, 2020 374
Pakistan condemns killing of prominent Kashmiri lawyer. Sep 26, 2020 175
Pakistan strongly condemns killing of prominent Kashmiri lawyer, activist; seeks independent investigation. Sep 26, 2020 261
Security at IHC to be further improved as per lawyers' satisfaction: IGP. Sep 3, 2020 311
Security at IHC to further be improved as per lawyer's satisfaction: IGP. Sep 3, 2020 300
How to stay safe abroad; news travel. Jul 25, 2020 312
How to stay safe abroad; 25.07.2020 TRAVEL SATURDAY 25.07.2020 Great getaway ideas and travel tips you can trust at @TRAVELEDNIGEL @MirrorTravel @marjorieyue @JaneMemmler SPIRITED Playa de For holidays in the new normal. Jul 25, 2020 298
Drilon's remarks 'misplaced, detrimental to public safety' --- Panelo. Geducos, Argyll Cyrus Jun 28, 2020 542
Killings: Christian Lawyers want Nigeria security architecture overhauled. Jun 21, 2020 522
Lawyers Caution Security Operatives On COVID-19 Lockdown Enforcement. Apr 21, 2020 469
Lockdown: Lawyers say extension justified, seek adequate security measures. Apr 14, 2020 594
Is this martial law? Lawyers' union answers questions on quarantine. Mar 20, 2020 993
SZMCH principal seeks security for doctors, staff after lawyers' threat. Dec 23, 2019 440
Lawyers boycott courts, security tightened at LHC. Dec 14, 2019 170
ATC sends over 80 lawyers to jail on remand. Dec 13, 2019 199
Lahore ATC sends 46 accused lawyers to jail on judicial remand over PIC attack. Dec 13, 2019 126
Global bodies worry over Pakistani lawyers' safety. Sep 26, 2019 635
Solicitor partners up with road safety charity. Jul 11, 2019 462
Lawyers concerned about poor security at Pindi kuchehry. May 15, 2019 153
Lawyers call for ID cards to avoid 'humiliating' security searches in court; EXCLUSIVE: Angry lawyers complain of embarrassing, humiliating security searches outside UK court rooms. Apr 20, 2019 258
Lawyer outraged as female stalker who threatened to stab him avoids jail; Luke O'Curry insists his harasser should have been jailed after she boasted that she could smuggle a knife through 'pathetic' court security. Mar 19, 2019 444
PNP sacks officers in shootout with lawyer's security aide in Rizal. Dec 13, 2018 291
Continued detention of activist by Sudan's security apparatus violates the law: lawyer. Nov 25, 2018 442
Sayers is being 'unfairly treated' as Cat A prisoner, claims his lawyer; HARDMAN BEING HELD AT TOP SECURITY JAIL FOR PERVERTING THE COURSE OF JUSTICE. Nov 22, 2018 745
Aasia Bibi's lawyer concerned over his family's security in Pakistan. Nov 15, 2018 318
Aasia Bibi's lawyer seeks UN's help for family's security in Pakistan. Nov 14, 2018 225
Aasiya Bibi's lawyer leaves Pakistan amid security threats. Nov 3, 2018 343
Barrister Murtaza Wahab reviews security arrangements on Aashura. Sep 21, 2018 586
Barrister Murtaza Wahab reviews security arrangements on Aashura. Sep 21, 2018 586
High security measure, public safety be assured: Barrister Murtaza. Sep 21, 2018 567
No compromise on security during election : Barrister Ali Zafar. Jul 22, 2018 171
No compromise on security during election: Barrister Ali Zafar. Jul 21, 2018 168
Legal Loop: Lawyers should be concerned about a new Gmail security issue: here's how to fix it. Jul 20, 2018 831
Legal Loop: Easy cybersecurity tips for small firm lawyers. Jun 15, 2018 923
Lawyers may bypass KC court security lines. Jun 4, 2018 507
Lawyers demand better security for district courts. Mar 24, 2018 448
Accessing records online brings lawyers into contact with the 'security matrix'. Blankenship, Gary Sep 15, 2017 1152
Thinking of storing information in the cloud? PRI knows the questions you should ask. Jul 1, 2017 505
Clients' Security Fund celebrates 50 years. Jul 1, 2017 735
Security guard admits shooting 2 lawyers for blocking driveway. Dec 23, 2016 347
Attorneys must protect clients' sensitive data. Harkness, John F., Jr. Jul 1, 2016 669
Firms must focus more on information governance, lawyers say. Brief article Jul 1, 2016 292
Philadelphia Labor Lawyer Shares Collective Bargaining Strategies for Police, Fire. Jun 2, 2016 335
Islamabad lawyers to get bio metric security cards for entry into district courts. Mar 23, 2016 103
Lawyer allegedly 'kidnapped' by security forces. Mar 8, 2016 242
How to address cloud security threats with technology. Feb 18, 2016 980
How to address cloud security threats with technology. Feb 18, 2016 1019
Invest in security, stay ahead of hacking game; Cyber crime is on the rise, but what does this mean for our private data and bank accounts and how can we protect ourselves? Capital Law litigation lawyer Stephen Meade investigates. Nov 19, 2015 1035
ISIL Executes 3 Lawyers, 8 Security Staff in Iraqi Mosul. Aug 28, 2015 184
Daash Executes 3 Lawyers And 8 Security Elements In Mosul. Aug 27, 2015 175
CPO refuses to provide security to civil judges, lawyers. Aug 8, 2015 120
Lawyers attack PA security, demand removal of Punjab IG. May 27, 2015 393
Quarrel erupts between security officials and lawyers at y-stanbul court. Apr 7, 2015 183
Lawyer beaten up by Sudanese security agents. Apr 1, 2015 335
STL lawyers grill Diab over ties to suspects linked to Syrian security. Feb 4, 2015 610
Dana Post, Counsel and Cheryl Howard, Attorney with Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer US LLP to Speak at the Knowledge Group's Cyber Security Plans Event. Jan 28, 2015 699
Melodi M. Gates, Attorney, Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP to Speak at KC's Event. Dec 21, 2014 652
Security officials testify vs suspended guard who asked P20K from Napoles lawyer. Dec 19, 2014 496
Brenda's wheel-life passion for improved safety on our roads; She's a 51-year-old civil lawyer and campaigner who wants to see a change in the law to benefit the two-wheeled community, and slash the number of deaths on Scotland's busy highways. Nov 9, 2014 713
Implementing an effective BYOD protocol: healthcare technology lawyer Melissa Markey explains the benefits and perils of BYOD. Perna, Gabriel Interview Oct 1, 2014 2110
Security guard convicted in young lawyer's murder. Jul 1, 2014 470
President of International Lawyers Federation Visits Naif Arab University for Security Sciences. Apr 17, 2014 103
Court not indifferent to security of judges, lawyers: CJP. Apr 16, 2014 191
DBA Multan for tight security at courts. Mar 4, 2014 185
GCC security pact "contractual," doesn''t place obligations - lawyers. Feb 18, 2014 338
Teesside solicitors to use new N-E data centre. Dec 10, 2013 272
SC for giving security to lawyers. Jul 16, 2013 285
Lawyer files plea to quash Ordinance on food security. Jul 7, 2013 144
Attorney Eugene Krukas Once Again Calls Upon New York Political Leaders to Protect Consumers by Adding a "Safety Lemon" Provision to the New York Lemon Law. Jun 26, 2013 587
SC directs police to take steps for providing security to lawyers. May 17, 2013 455
Michigan Bike Accident Lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire Celebrate Bicycle Helmet Safety Week. May 11, 2013 484
Michigan Motorcycle Accident Attorney Reminds Drivers May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. May 4, 2013 783
Attorney Eugene Krukas Once Again Calls Upon New York Political Leaders to Protect Consumers by Adding a "Safety Lemon" Provision to the New York Lemon Law. Apr 20, 2013 585
Clash in court over security to 2G lawyer '. Mar 7, 2013 255
Arizona DUI Lawyers Corso & Rhude Offer DUI Safety Tips for St. Patrick's Day 2013. Feb 25, 2013 645
Arizona DUI Lawyers Corso & Rhude Offer DUI Safety Tips for St. Patrick's Day 2013. Feb 23, 2013 640
Jessica Lyon, Attorney, Division of Privacy and Identity Protection, Federal Trade Commission to Speak at KC's Data Privacy Emerging Issues: A 2012 Update Live Webcast. Jun 27, 2012 519
Aaron Brauer-Rieke, Ron Plesser Fellow and Staff Attorney, Center for Democracy & Technology to Speak at KC's Emerging Issues in Privacy and Data Security Live Webcast. Dec 20, 2011 457
Country can no more afford dictatorship; lawyers at the back of armed force for country's security and sovereignty: SCBA President Yasin Azad. Dec 5, 2011 224
RAPE BID LAWYER BATTERS WORKER; Sex scandal solicitor in 'lunge' at security officer. Nov 10, 2011 267
Lawyers call for emergency meeting Tuesday. Oct 30, 2011 256
Bagolie Friedman Injury Lawyers Call for Stricter Safety Regulations Following Another New York Tour Bus Crash. Aug 15, 2011 466
U.S. Embassy expresses deep concerns over attacks on attorneys in south of Kyrgyzstan. Oct 18, 2010 222
Cloudy skies: security concerns spark a controversy over a bar association's endorsement of cloud computing. Kozubek, Michael Sep 1, 2010 1121
Bar Clients' Security Fund should not reimburse third-party losses: panel also rejects random audits of lawyer trust accounts. Apr 15, 2010 398
Rehman orders strict security for lawyers procession. Feb 15, 2010 85
Rehman orders strict security for lawyer's procession. Feb 15, 2010 85
Rehman orders strict security for lawyers procession. Feb 15, 2010 85
City solicitors Muckle find security in a virtual world. Feb 9, 2010 438
Crush victim's family to sue; RAIL LINE DEATH: Solicitor claims safety rules were broken. Jun 11, 2009 334
Israeli spouses threaten national security: lawyer. May 19, 2009 316
Israeli spouses threaten Egypt's security: lawyer. May 19, 2009 316
TEXT-DRIVING KILLER PEER GETS JUST 12 WEEKS' JAIL; Fury as lawyer claims he's a 'road safety scapegoat'. Feb 26, 2009 425
Lawyers flout mobile data security measures; COMPUTERS Legal profession 'naive when it comes to data. Oct 29, 2008 519
Lawyers in call to recognise bosses' safety efforts. Feb 18, 2008 165
Dogs amnesty 'did nothing to improve public safety' Lawyer hits out after pets' lives saved. Mar 2, 2007 559
Protesting solicitor gave a briefing. Aug 17, 2006 257
Solicitor dropped trousers in court. Aug 17, 2006 137
COURT OF FLAW; This man fled the dock in front of a judge, solicitors, barristers, security guards policemen and numerous onlookers. After 4 weeks on the run he was finally recaptured. Yesterday he walked FREE.. because of 'A LACK OF EVIDENCE'. Aug 1, 2006 271
"The SciTech Lawyer" from the American Bar Association. Jun 1, 2006 226
State attorney turnover. Arias, Juan Carlos Letter to the editor Apr 1, 2006 386
Lawyers Tackle InfoSec Threats. PIAZZA, PETER Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 398

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