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A Nature-inspired Multiple Kernel Extreme Learning Machine Model for Intrusion Detection. Shen, Yanping; Zheng, Kangfeng; Wu, Chunhua; Yang, Yixian Feb 1, 2020 8566
Radiation Detection, Monitoring & Safety Market Technology, Key Players Trends, Regional Analysis and Business Aspects Estimating Size, Share and Growth 2019 To 2023. Oct 15, 2019 863
Safety vest's embedded detection system protects against pedestrian-forklift collisions. Jun 1, 2019 103
Nightclubs add walk-through metal detectors to check for knives following Connor Brown's death; Illusions says the safety measure will 'pay for itself' if it saves just one life, after 18-year-old Connor died from a stab wound a week ago. Mar 3, 2019 330
2018 Engineer of the Year Christine Ness. Feb 1, 2019 1770
Grohe Smart Home: The App-Controlled Water Security System. Sep 18, 2018 563
Implementation and Analysis of Combined Machine Learning Method for Intrusion Detection System. Wahyudi, Bisyron; Ramli, Kalamullah; Murfi, Hendri Report Aug 1, 2018 7562
Uzbekistan to step up security measures in airports. Jul 10, 2018 171
Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says he will donate metal detectors to Santa Fe ISD after school shooting. Jul 2, 2018 561
Itron announces collaboration with New Cosmos for gas safety. Jun 27, 2018 101
Security Paper Design with Frequency-Selective Structure for X-Band Electromagnetic Detection System. Lee, Sang-Hwa; Kim, Min-Sik; Kim, Jong-Kyu; Lim, Jong-In; Hong, Ic-Pyo Jan 1, 2018 4132
A New Unified Intrusion Anomaly Detection in Identifying Unseen Web Attacks. Kamarudin, Muhammad Hilmi; Maple, Carsten; Watson, Tim; Safa, Nader Sohrabi Jan 1, 2018 12446
A Novel Differential Game Model-Based Intrusion Response Strategy in Fog Computing. An, Xingshuo; Lin, Fuhong; Xu, Shenggang; Miao, Li; Gong, Chao Jan 1, 2018 4718
Intrusion Detection System Based on Decision Tree over Big Data in Fog Environment. Peng, Kai; Leung, Victor C.M.; Zheng, Lixin; Wang, Shangguang; Huang, Chao; Lin, Tao Jan 1, 2018 6238
Town club security staff to use airport style detectors. Dec 22, 2017 285
Integrated security system a remedy. Nov 21, 2017 778
Feature Selection Algorithm for Intrusions Detection System using Sequential Forward Search and Random Forest Classifier. Lee, Jinlee; Park, Dooho; Lee, Changhoon Report Oct 1, 2017 6176
Quantum phase shift for energy conserved secured data communication in MANET. Selvi, E.; Shashidhara, M.S. Report Aug 1, 2017 6828
Palestinians uphold boycott after Al-Aqsa detectors removed. Jul 26, 2017 528
Israel removes Jerusalem shrine metal detectors. Jul 26, 2017 180
Introducing: The Metal Detectors of Islam. Leibovitz, Liel Jul 25, 2017 183
Cabinet: Metal Detectors will be Removed from Temple Mount. Jul 25, 2017 427
LightGuard Systems[R] Continues Lighting the Way for Enhanced Crosswalk Safety with Newest Model of Smart Crosswalk[TM] Automatic Pedestrian Detection Bollard. Jul 21, 2017 868
Israel Holds Earthquake Drill in Schools. Jun 14, 2017 668
Security Enrichment in Intrusion Detection System Using Classifier Ensemble. Salunkhe, Uma R.; Mali, Suresh N. Jan 1, 2017 3296
An Effective Conversation-Based Botnet Detection Method. Chen, Ruidong; Niu, Weina; Zhang, Xiaosong; Zhuo, Zhongliu; Lv, Fengmao Report Jan 1, 2017 5525
An Improved Clustering Method for Detection System of Public Security Events Based on Genetic Algorithm and Semisupervised Learning. Wang, Heng; Zhao, Zhenzhen; Guo, Zhiwei; Wang, Zhenfeng; Xu, Guangyin Report Jan 1, 2017 6686
Novel rapid, sensitive detection technologies optimize product safety. Jan 1, 2016 380
The World Leading Manufacturer of Ferromagnetic Detectors for MRI Safety Partnering with the Service Company to Accommodate Dramatic Increase in Sales. Sep 2, 2015 442
An anamoly based Intrusion Detection System for mobile ad-hoc networks using genetic algorithm based support vector machine. Mukesh, K.G.; Khanna, H. Priyanka; Velvizhi, R.V. Report Aug 1, 2015 2722
Leak detection systems critical to pipeline safety. Dec 1, 2014 994
Carbon nanotubes: potential use in veterinary medicine/Nanotubos de carbono: potencial de uso em medicina veterinaria. Machado, Ingrid Rios Lima; Mendes, Heloisa Maria Falcao; Alves, Geraldo Eleno Silveira; Faleiros, Ra Oct 1, 2014 4476
Metal detectors on MLB horizon; Security hiked at parks in 2014. Golen, Jimmy Nov 23, 2013 374
Despite huge dangers, security measures still not up to par. Sep 3, 2013 755
The Latest Advancement in Ferromagnetic Detection for MRI Safety. Mar 4, 2013 200
Is it safe? Brief article Nov 1, 2012 129
L3 Security & Detection Systems. Oct 1, 2012 251
-Suspect Detection System used to screen Latin American airline employees. Jul 17, 2012 220
-Suspect Detection System used to screen Latin American airline employees. Jul 17, 2012 232
Baggage screening for humans: how can you prevent criminals from beating security channels by sneaking through the baggage system? Tom Allett explains Vanderlande's new heat-sensitive detection system. Allet, Tom Jul 1, 2012 703
Panda Security Reports 8 Compatibility for Cloud Antivirus. Jul 1, 2012 373
Children's Mercy Hospital Strengthens MRI Safety with Mednovus SAFESCAN[R] Products. Nov 25, 2011 430
The Quality and Security Division of Whitewater Group Will Highlight the Unique Technology Behind their BlueBox[TM] Event Detection System at WATEC 2011. Nov 16, 2011 513
The Quality and Security Division of Whitewater Group Will Highlight the Unique Technology Behind Their BlueBox[TM] Event Detection System at WQTC 2011. Nov 8, 2011 510
Radiation detector ensures safety. Sep 1, 2011 156
Explosive detectors to be installed at Mecca's mosque gates to step up security. Aug 16, 2011 244
CCPO directs Security Branch to increase usage of metal detectors on occasion of Juma congregations. Jul 22, 2011 254
Kopp Development Inc. Installed Their Ferromagnetic Detectors for MRI Safety Throughout Entire VISN 16. Jul 12, 2011 207
Chemists' Biosensor May Improve Food, Water Safety and Cancer Detection. Mar 30, 2011 530
IDO Security announces initial orders for the MagShoe metal detector. Oct 6, 2010 141
Smiths Detection explosive threat detectors to be used by multiple US airlines to improve gate security. Sep 16, 2010 132
Smiths Detection explosive threat detectors to be used by multiple US airlines to improve gate security. Sep 16, 2010 131
Morpho Detection Inc signs security supply deal with Israeli Airports Authority. Feb 18, 2010 125
Morpho Detection Inc signs security supply deal with Israeli Airports Authority. Feb 18, 2010 139
'Semi-professional' shoplifter locked up; Thief had special bags to beat shop security detectors. Aug 22, 2009 378
Developing testing methodology for the use of noninvasive whole body scanners. Ely, John A.; Craig, Todd Essay Aug 1, 2009 2468
Smiths Detection awarded contract worth USD20m for security equipment at New Doha International Airport in Qatar. Jun 26, 2009 161
Staying ahead of the quality-herd: leading bison processor uses multiple metal detectors to preserve product safety. Mar 1, 2009 935
In-line metal detector ensures safety of breadcrumbs. Feb 1, 2009 220
TUG WIDOWS MAKE RIVER SAFETY VOW ONE YEAR ON; Appeal for fog detection system. Dec 18, 2008 223
MobileTrace, portable trace detector: GE Security. Dyrli, Kurt O. Dec 1, 2008 111
Kitten club gets knife detector; SECURITY. Oct 3, 2008 157
Staff see through the drugs mules; CRIME: Airport security device detects cocaine carried in the stomach. Sep 20, 2008 435
Jay Z fans to be screened for knives; Metal detector security at CIA. Jul 16, 2008 294
DIY security system: install a reliable wireless system in just one day. Muscoplat, Rick Jul 1, 2008 1572
'AIRPORT' SECURITY FOR IRISH PRISONS; X-ray & metal detectors to stop drugs. May 2, 2008 221
Great Kitchens relies on PowerPhasePLUS metal detectors from Mettler-Toledo Safeline to ensure product quality and food safety. Feb 1, 2008 296
Molecular approaches improve product safety and quality, speed microbe detection. Oct 1, 2007 330

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