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Authentication mechanism of network communication nodes based on information safety of the Internet of Vehicles/Soidukite Interneti infoturbepohine kommunikatsioonisolmede autentimismehhanism. Wu, Qiong Mar 1, 2021 3862
Deep Learning Assisted Differential Cryptanalysis for the Lightweight Cipher SIMON. Tian, Wenqiang; Hu, Bin Report Feb 1, 2021 6617
Design of a Cryptographic System for Communication Security using Chaotic Signals. Leu, Jai-Houng; Sun, Jung-Kang; Chen, Ho-Sheng; Huang, Chong-Lin; Qiao, Dong-Kai; Lan, Tian-Syung; C Jan 1, 2021 3152
ACT: An Ultra-Light Weight Block Cipher For Internet of Things. Jithendra, K.B.; Kassim, Shahana T. Sep 1, 2020 5642
A Lattice-Based Authentication Scheme for Roaming Service in Ubiquitous Networks with Anonymity. Zhou, Yousheng; Wang, Longan Jul 31, 2020 13501
A Lightweight Cryptography Algorithm for Secure Smart Cities and IOT. Abed, Ahmed Mohsin; Boyaci, Ali Report Jul 14, 2020 3746
An Intelligent 2D Secret Share Construction using Visual Cryptography for Secure Transmission. Kumar, N. Rajesh; Krishnan, R. Bala; Manikandan, G.; Raajan, N.R. Jul 1, 2020 4782
Security Implementation Using RSA and Enhanced RSA. Vanitha, K.; Kumar, Varada Sandeep; Dara, Dara Anil Kumar; Scholar, PG Jul 1, 2020 2816
Preserving Data Privacy in the Internet of Medical Things Using Dual Signature ECDSA. Cano, Maria-Dolores; Canavate-Sanchez, Antonio Jun 30, 2020 7610
EAP-SRES: An Enhanced Authentication Protocol for Secure Remote Education Systems Using NFC Technology. Chikouche, Noureddine; Cherif, Foudil May 1, 2020 6339
Global Quantum Cryptography Market Growing Popularity and Emerging Trends in the Industry / ID Quantique, Microsoft, NuCrypt, Qasky. Nov 18, 2019 904
A Revocable Attribute-based Cloud Security for Data Access using Encryption and Biometric Identification. Nejad, Maryam Safarian; Malakooti, Mohammad V.; Taba, Navid Hashemi Oct 1, 2019 4637
whiteCryption Secure Key Box adds TLS support for end-to-end data security across networks. Aug 9, 2019 303
whiteCryption Secure Key Box adds TLS support for end-to-end data security across networks. Aug 9, 2019 286
whiteCryption Secure Key Box adds TLS support for end-to-end data security across networks. Aug 9, 2019 303
A Revocable Attribute-based Cloud Security for Data Access using Encryption and Biometric Identification. Nejad, Maryam Safarian; Malakooti, Mohammad V.; Taba, Navid Hashemi Jul 1, 2019 4617
Private Blockchain-Based Secure Access Control for Smart Home Systems. Xue, Jingting; Xu, Chunxiang; Zhang, Yuan Report Dec 1, 2018 9431
Quantum Cryptography: a new age in data security: Dr Andrew Shields highlights the importance of quantum cryptography in ensuring the future of data security. Shields, Andrew Dec 1, 2018 675
Modified Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm for Reliable Real-Time Communications. Eltatar, Mahmoud A.; Abu-Hudrouss, Ammar M. Sep 1, 2018 3918
Network Security and Cryptography. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 122
Network Security and Cryptography. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 111
Securing One Time Password (OTP) for Multi-Factor Out-of-Band Authentication through a 128-bit Blowfish Algorithm. Reyes, Ariel Roy L.; Festijo, Enrique D.; Medina, Ruji P. Report Apr 1, 2018 4568
Image Encryption Technology Based on Fractional Two-Dimensional Triangle Function Combination Discrete Chaotic Map Coupled with Menezes-Vanstone Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem. Liu, Zeyu; Xia, Tiecheng; Wang, Jinbo Jan 1, 2018 6627
An Efficient Stream Data Processing Model for Multiuser Cryptographic Service. Li, Li; Li, Fenghua; Shi, Guozhen; Geng, Kui Jan 1, 2018 6709
Adaptive Secure Cross-Cloud Data Collaboration with Identity-Based Cryptography and Conditional Proxy Re-Encryption. Huang, Qinlong; He, Yue; Yue, Wei; Yang, Yixian Jan 1, 2018 7208
Differential Cryptanalysis on Block Cipher Skinny with MILP Program. Zhang, Pei; Zhang, Wenying Jan 1, 2018 5830
Applied Cryptography and Noise Resistant Data Security. Hussain, Iqtadar; Ahmed, Fawad; Khokhar, Umar M.; Anees, Amir Jan 1, 2018 867
Quantum Cryptography for the Future Internet and the Security Analysis. Zhou, Tianqi; Shen, Jian; Li, Xiong; Wang, Chen; Shen, Jun Jan 1, 2018 4247
Integrating and Securing Video, Audio and Text Using Quaternion Fourier Transform. Khalil, M.I. Report Dec 1, 2017 5118
A Survey On Medical Image Protection Using Various Steganography Techniques. Santhi, G.; Adithya, B. Report Oct 1, 2017 2692
Efficient and Secure Identity-Based Public Auditing for Dynamic Outsourced Data with Proxy. Yu, Haiyang; Cai, Yongquan; Kong, Shanshan; Ning, Zhenhu; Xue, Fei; Zhong, Han Report Oct 1, 2017 9318
IARPA program seeks more efficient data security. Machi, Vivienne Jul 1, 2017 434
Weak Cryptographic Policies Increase CU Cyberrisks. May 31, 2017 641
Enhanced multicomponent data secure mechanism for cloud storage system using elliptical curve cryptography. Britto, A. Lauro Eugin; Maheshwari, N. Uma Report May 1, 2017 3904
Area efficiency and high speed implementation of cryptography using hash function and RSA algorithm. Jayakumar, S.; Sumathi, A.; Kumar, P. Santhosh; Suganthan, M.; Hanies, S. Syed Apr 30, 2017 2449
WhatsApp Reportedly Has Security Backdoor, But There's Nothing To Fear. Jan 13, 2017 667
An Advanced Encryption Standard Powered Mutual Authentication Protocol Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography for RFID, Proven on WISP. Ibrahim, Alaauldin; Dalkilic, Gokhan Jan 1, 2017 6936
RFA: R-Squared Fitting Analysis Model for Power Attack. Wang, An; Zhang, Yu; Zhu, Liehuang; Tian, Weina; Xu, Rixin; Zhang, Guoshuang Report Jan 1, 2017 4900
Lightweight encryption design for embedded security. Anupama, G.; Iyappan, M.; Karpagam, M. Report Jun 15, 2016 2654
Taking the sting out of the Stingray: the dangers of cell-site simulator use and the role of the Federal Communications Commission in protecting privacy & security. Norman, Jason Dec 1, 2015 18519
How to break cryptography with your bare hands: the latest way to snoop on a computer is by measuring subtle changes in electrical potential as data is decrypted. Talbot, David Nov 1, 2014 430
TDAL: thoroughly data aggregation of low energy devices in secure heterogeneous wireless sensor networks. Engouang, Tristan Daladier; Liu, Yun; Zhang, Zhenjiang Jan 1, 2014 9119
Cryptography for Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 122
A device authentication mechanism reducing performance cost in mobile P2P networks. Jeong, Yoon-Su; Kim, Yong-Tae; Shin, Seung-Soo; Lee, Sang-Ho Report Apr 1, 2013 11621
Unhackable telecom networks, a step towards perfect security. Nov 21, 2012 408
Innovative approach to improve hybrid cryptography by using DNA steganography. Torkaman, Mohammad Reza Najaf; Kazazi, Nazanin Sadat; Rouddini, Azizallah Jan 1, 2012 5102
A proposed algorithm using DNA-based cryptography and steganography techniques. tantawi, Mostafa Reda El; Ali, Amr Mohamed Abd El Shafouk Report Oct 1, 2010 6069
Mathematical theory of elliptic curves may help strengthen IT security. May 12, 2009 505
Telecom security journal from John Wiley. Aug 17, 2008 172
"Security and Communication Networks" from John Wiley. Feb 16, 2008 207
Security news and products; Financial Cryptography and Data Security '07. Jan 1, 2007 162
Superimposing encryption data. Tong Lai Yu; K. W. Yu Feb 1, 1991 4557

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