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Safer buses, safer roads.

The Manila North Tollways Corporation (MNTC), builder and concessionaire of the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), has signed a memorandum of agreement with the Provincial Bus Operators Association of the Philippines (PBOAP) to propagate a culture of road safety. PBOAP is composed of some of the country's largest bus operators, which include JAC Liner Inc., Victory Liner, Solid North Transit and more.

Under the agreement, both entities agree to collaborate to promote road safety and a safer public transport system. They plan to inculcate this through one of many policies proposed. NLEX will begin to form a database of vehicles and drivers to be updated with driver and vehicle-related offenses. This database will then be shared with PBOAP members to identify problem drivers and vehicles in order to better institute a system of rewards and recognition as well as appropriate sanctions. PBOAP members plan to use this info to monitor, assess and chart performance of its drivers and vehicles to better encourage consistent compliance with the rules and appropriate behavior. It also plans to institute a continuing bus drivers' education and training program with NLEX staff.

"Buses have been tainted unfairly and it's not necessarily their fault," shares Renato Ticzon, VP for Marketing of MNTC. "We want them to drive a certain way in NLEX, and hopefully, the same way outside of NLEX."

"We need a means to know what our drivers are doing, so we can reward our well-behaved drivers and address our misbehaved drivers." Alex Yague, executive director, PBOAP.

Yague shared that member bus companies have already implemented a bus modernization program on their own. "We use new buses for NLEX and SCTEX, similar to European and first world Asian countries."

In addition, he revealed that some bus drivers have been fired from one bus company for one reason or another, only to apply with another, boasting of their experience. This database system is hoped to curb this practice and identify delinquent drivers.

"This method helps not just the bus companies, but also us, to maintain road safety in NLEX. We have several other programs with bus companies," said Rod Franco, president of MNTC.


From left: Francis Aberilla, VP for Traffic Operations Division, Tollways Management Corp.; Renato Ticzon, VP for Marketing, MNTC; Rodrigo Franco, president, MNTC; Marivic del Pilar, president, PBOAP; and Alejandro Yague, executive director, PBOAP. (Photos by IAaAaAeAeIGO S. ROCE

MNTC President Rodrigo Franco said NLEX will be maintaining a database of driver and vehicle offenses and violations.

Alex Yague, executive director of the Provincial Bus Operators Association of the Philippines, enthuses over the benefits of the partnership on safety.

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Title Annotation:Motoring
Publication:Manila Bulletin
Date:Sep 3, 2015
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