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Safeguarding the really vulnerable? COLUMNISTS.

Byline: denise robertson

BETTY FIGG is 86 and has dementia. She told her daughter, Rosalind, a former carer, that she was unhappy in her care home.

She had fallen out of bed, complained of hunger and was losing weight, so Rosalind and her partner created an en-suite bedroom with wheelchair ramps and an alarm system to wake them if Betty got up in the night. A council occupational health specialist ruled the three-bedroom semi still unsuitable but they took her home anyway. By the end of two days Betty was laughing and chatting to neighbours.

Then, amid astonishing scenes, the old lady was snatched back by social services.

I think we need to know by what right social services intervene? If there is good reason to believe that a child is cruel or neglectful of a parent then charge them, so that we may see if this is a case of the State safeguarding the vulnerable or yet another example of officialdom drunk with power..
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Apr 28, 2009
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