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Safe storage.

As my collection grew and the safe became more crowded, I began to think about safer storage. If the gun were worth more than $1,000, I put it in a Bore Store. If the guns was worth less than $1,000 or had plenty of dings and worn finish already (like an old '73 Winchester), it got a Sack-Ups. Bore Stores are treated with silicon and a rust inhibitor for long term storage. The thick, soft cloth protects the gun from dings and scratches well yet it is a breathable material, so moisture won't be trapped. Bore Stores are sized to fit most handguns, rifles or shotguns.

Because Bore Stores are quite thick, I use a lot of Sack-Ups on lesser value guns. They are breathable, too and come either plain or silicon treated. Because they are made from a thinner material, Sack-Ups fit the profile of the gun more closely. It is easier to ID a gun by feel or look in a Sack-Ups, and the sack has a tag if you want to keep a written record on it. Sack-Ups only come in a few versatile sizes and are cheaper than Bore Stores.

Heavily oiled guns pose a hazard to wood stocks. Any oil will slowly run and generally runs right into the wood. Not good. I store most of my guns muzzle down and like to have some kind of skin on the metal, even though I use treated Bore Stores or Sack-Ups. G96 Silicon Spray does just that and is safe for use on wood, plastics and metal. I am quite fond of G96 products. G96 Gun Treatment removes rust better than any other product I've found without disturbing what's left of the original finish, but that's another story.

For more information contact: Big Spring Enterprises (Bore Stores) (870) 449-5297,; Sack-Ups, (888) 722-5877,; G96, (973) 684-4050,
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Title Annotation:Quartermaster
Author:John, Jeff
Publication:Guns Magazine
Date:Feb 1, 2005
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