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Safe shipping for your weapons.


All the care you give your rifle, machine gun, or pistol in the field can go to waste if you don't show the same care when you ship it to or from SWA.

If you just toss your weapon in a box for shipment, moisture can let corrosion turn it into an expensive piece of junk by the time it arrives at its destination. And that has happened many times in the last four years. Too many weapons have been mined because PM was forgotten when it came time to ship them.

But your weapon can have a safe journey if you just remember these rules:

* Clean 'em. Completely clean your weapons like their -10 TMs say to. But no steam cleaning! That surely leads to corrosion because it also cleans out all lubricant.

* Lube 'em. That means CLP for all weapons except the MK19. For it, use corrosion preventive compound (MIL-PRF-16173 grade 3), NSN 8030-00-244-1293, cut 50 percent with mineral oil; or use general purpose lubricating oil (MIL-PRF-3150), NSN 9150-00-231-2356; or general purpose lubricating oil (MIL-PRF-32033), NSN 9150-00-231-9062, if it's used with vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI). All three lubes can also be used for all weapons if necessary.

* Wrap 'em. Wrap weapons in VCI barrier and secure the barrier with tape. NSN 8135-00-664-0015 brings a 3 x 600 foot roll of VCI.

* Do not use bubblewrap. Some bubblewrap contains a chloride that when mixed with moisture forms an acid that causes corrosion. There's no way to tell which is which, so avoid all of them!

Some units have reported problems getting these VCI materials through the supply system. Band-All is another source for VCI bags and will ship them within 24 hours. Their bags can be heat-sealed, taped or closed with a twist tie, and come in 31x21x51, 42x36x58 and 58x48x90 inch sizes.


The 31x21x51 bag will hold an MK19 or M2 without the barrel attached. An M2 barrel will fit in this bag if it's angled in.

The 42x36x58 and 58x48x90 bags will hold several weapons. Use at least one sheet of greaseproof paper between layers of weapons. The best protection is to sandwich corrugated fiberboard between two sheets of greaseproof paper and put that between weapon layers. Greaseproof paper comes with NSN 8135-00-753-4661, NSN 8135-00-233-3871 or NSN 8135-00-224-8885.

Contact Band-All at (309) 794-9544.

Another source for VCI bags is MRN Enterprise. They offer

* a 14xl6-in rifle bag that also can be used for the M2 (without barrel), M240, and M249.

* an 18x60-in bag that can hold the M16, M240, M249, MK19 with barrel, and M2 without barrel.

* a 14x50-in bag that works for the M16, M249, and M2 without barrel

* a 10xl8-in bag for pistols and bayonets. Call 412-221-9111 or order at their website:

* Box 'em. Place the wrapped or bagged weapons into weather-resistant fiberboard boxes. Tape all open seams and edges to prevent the VCI from escaping and dirt and moisture from getting inside. Put filler material in the boxes to keep the weapons from shifting.

Fiberboard boxes can be ordered through GSA. Their NSNs, sizes, type, and what weapons they can hold are listed on the chart on the next page.

At most posts, you can find large boxes at the ammunition refuse yard and the DOL receiving area.

Plastic containers can also be used for shipping weapons. Wal-Mart and other large discount stores usually carry these kind of containers in the automotive department for around $35. Many of these containers can be padlocked.
For more information, go to:
Log in with your AKO password.

NSN Box size
8115-00- (inches) Weapon

579-8461 38 x 14 x 20 M2 or MK19 w/o barrel,

993-2790 40 x 28 x 28 M2 or MKM16 /o barrel,

616-9154 43.5 x M2 or MK19 w/o barrel,
 18 1/2 x 13 M16, M249

935-5906 43 x 3 1/4 M2 or MK19 w/o barrel,
 x 35 1/4 M16, M249

559-5516 45 x 14 x 22 M2 or MK19 w/o barrel,
 M16, M249

559-9999 45 x 22 x 22 M2 or MK19 w/o barrel,
 M16, M249

559-9996 46 x 46 x 22 M2 or MK19 w/o barrel,
 M16, M249

935-6510 58 x 43 x M2 or MK19 w/o barrel,
 35 1/4 M16, M249, M240

782-1695 48 x 40 x M2 or MK19 w/o barrel,
 28 1/4 M16, M249

926-4886 46 7/8 x M2 or MK19 w/o barrel,
 38 7/8 x 26 M16, M249

926-4887 46 7/8 x M2 or MK19 w/o barrel,
 38 7/8 x 36 M16, M249

926-4888 46 7/8 x M2 or MK19 w/o barrel,
 38 7/8 x 42 M16, M249

953-0276 47 1/2 x 39 1/2 M2 or MK19 w/o barrel,
 x 35 1/2 M16, M249

935-1140 48 x 40 x 36 M2 or MK19 w/o barrel,
 M16, M249

142-9594 46 7/8 x 38 7/8 M2 or MK19 w/o barrel,
 x 15 13/16 M16, M249

559-9998 43 x 22 x 34 M2 or MK19 w/o barrel,
 M16, M249

901-6435 47 1/2 x M2 or MK19 w/o barrel,
 39 1/2 x 28 M16, M249

901-6434 47 1/2 x M2 or MK 19 w/o barrel,
 39 1/2 x 28 M16, M249

935-5896 43 x 31 3/4 M2 or MK19 w/o barrel,
 x 35 1/4 M16, M249

753-4691 58 x 32 M2 or MK19 w/o or barrel,
 x 28 1/4 M16, M249, M240

8115-00- Type Qty Cost

579-8461 Flaps 3 $35.57

993-2790 Flaps 3 $76.03

616-9154 Flaps 3 $45.68

935-5906 Flaps 1 $38.63

559-5516 Flaps 3 $31.32

559-9999 Flaps 2 $41.89

559-9996 Flaps 1 $35.24

935-6510 Flaps 1 $38.76

782-1695 Flaps 1 $31.19

926-4886 Top cap 1 $32.63

926-4887 Top cap 1 $36.54

926-4888 Top cap 1 $40.32

953-0276 Top cap 1 $48.29

935-1140 Top cap 1 $40.46

142-9594 Top cap 1 $32.63

559-9998 Flaps 2 $39.15

901-6435 Top cap 1 $32.63

901-6434 Sleeve with 1 $35.87
 double caps

935-5896 Flaps 1 $30.28

753-4691 Top cap 1 $35.63
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