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'I'm dating three women at a time, we practice safe sex and coordinate our calendars'; Roy Graff, 51, from London, agrees with Danny Dyer about marriage and says 'some of us have the capacity to love more than one person at a can feel cruel to have to exclude others they want to connect with'. By, Claire O'Boyle Nov 9, 2021 507
Councillors secure PS10k funds for LGBT safer sex campaign; Cash will come from council's Neighbourhood Investment Fund. ADAM MAIDMENT Aug 15, 2021 448
An EFA of a revised Condom Fit and Feel Scale (CoFFee-R): Adding intimacy and pleasure. Walters, Lucas; Czechowski, Konrad; Courtice, Erin Leigh; Shaughnessy, Krystelle Aug 1, 2021 10812
Avoid this silent killer with safe sex practices. May 27, 2021 906
Best Valentine's gift: Safe sex with 100,000 condoms. Feb 13, 2021 527
Bubble & strife; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: WHAT IS HAPPENING NEXTYour questions answereda new full lockdown is last resort students in halls are 'households' bolton pubs must be shut for sit-ins rule of 6 is best to keep it simple for safe sex check the guidelines. DAN BLOOM Sep 11, 2020 1125
How to have safe sex in the age of coronavirus; Technically, you shouldn't be having sex with people outside of your household. By, Neil Shaw Sep 4, 2020 656
Lockdown sex ban ends: Doctor's advice on safe sex as restrictions are eased in England; With the UK now in its eleventh week of lockdown, many couples will be eager to hit the bedroom. However, Dr Simran Deo, a UK-based doctor at Zava UK has urged couples to practice safe sex. By, Shivali Best Jun 13, 2020 339
Health board issue Covid-19 safer sex plea. SHIRLEY BARTYNEK Jun 3, 2020 309
Health board issue Covid-19 safer sex plea. SHIRLEY BARTYNEK Jun 3, 2020 306
Health minister predicts baby boom after coronavirus lockdown; A doctor has advised how safe sex during the pandemic is. By, Neil Shaw Mar 31, 2020 256
Safe sex in these risky times. Mar 26, 2020 489
Choosing safe sex on Valentine's Day: Birth control myths busted. Feb 14, 2020 1779
Access to info helps youth adopt safe sexual behaviour. Feb 6, 2020 223
Christmas safe sex message to Wiganers. Dec 18, 2019 405
Safe sex is dangerous to ignore; COMMENT 2nd floor, 9A Beckett Way, Park West Industrial Park, Clondalkin, Dublin 12 Tel: 01 868 8600, Fax 01 868 8626, Editorial Dec 1, 2019 200
Have we forgotten about safe sex? HEALTH. AMY PACKER Nov 26, 2019 882
Interventions Aimed At Parents And Kids Boost Safe Sex Practices. Jul 29, 2019 828
The Function Acquisition Speed Test (FAST) as a Measure of Verbal Stimulus Relations in the Context of Condom Use. Cummins, Jamie; Tyndall, Ian; Curtis, Amy; Roche, Bryan Report Mar 1, 2019 6907
Syphilis DOCS IN SAFE SEX WARNING; Cases are on the increase BY KEITH MCLEOD. Dec 15, 2018 277
James joins safe sex fight against Aids. Nov 3, 2018 118
Condom Use and its Associated Factors Among Iranian Youth: Results From a Population-Based Study. Hooshyar, Samira Hosseini; Karamouzian, Mohammad; Mirzazadeh, Ali; Haghdoost, Ali Akbar; Sharifi, Ha Report Nov 1, 2018 6339
SCRAP VAT ON CONDOMS ..IT'S A TAX ON SAFE SEX; Irish chemists in bid to stop spread of STIs. Sep 15, 2018 280
Is it time for 'managed' safe sex worker zones in Liverpool? Special report - Could this be the answer to the city's prostitution crisis? Jun 3, 2018 1036
Safer Sex Imagery In The Time of AIDS: An exhibit reveals the rich history of LGBT safer sex materials--many explicit--created in the '80s and '90s as a response to the epidemic. Carr, Kengi Jun 1, 2018 724
HSE launches 'own brand' condoms to promote safe sex; [euro]50k campaign tackles STIs andcrisis pregnancy. Feb 17, 2018 435
Lobby to promote safe sex on International Condom Day. Feb 13, 2018 384
Seoul plans to distribute condoms to students 'to promote safe sex'. Dec 28, 2017 265
Online health programs promote safe-sex skills in teen girls. Dec 7, 2017 371
Visitors warned to practise safe sex... if they're paying for it. Nov 10, 2017 192
PERCEIVED BARRIERS AND BENEFITS OF CONDOM USE AMONG COLLEGE STUDENTS. Fehr, Sara. K.; Vidourek, Rebecca A.; King, Keith A.; Nabors, Laura A. Sep 22, 2017 7616
Safer sex without pills or condoms? A new implantable device may change your life. Artavia, David Brief article Aug 1, 2017 234
Whose responsibility is it to prep for safe sex? archaic HIV criminalization and modern medicine. Bone, Brigid Jan 1, 2017 9409
Comparison of Sexual Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior between Female Chinese College Students from Urban Areas and Rural Areas: A Hidden Challenge for HIV/AIDS Control in China. Chen, Min; Liao, Yong; Liu, Jia; Fang, Wenjie; Hong, Nan; Ye, Xiaofei; Li, Jianjun; Tang, Qinglong; Report Jan 1, 2017 6729
Frisky business for lovers in university safe sex video; COUPLES OFFERED PS400 FOR ROLE IN NEW PROJECT. Oct 20, 2016 320
Frisky business for lovers in university safe sex video; COUPLES OFFERED PS400 FOR ROLE IN NEW PROJECT. Oct 19, 2016 301
CDC: Men exposed to Zika need to practice safe sex for 6 months. Chitnis, Deepak Report Oct 15, 2016 435
In Burkina Faso, a sharp decline in HIV prevalence coincides with a shift toward safer sexual behaviors. London, S. Sep 1, 2016 1075
Lil' Dicky Is a Great Pick to Educate the Youth About the Benefits of Condoms. Zalman, Jonathan Aug 29, 2016 178
Safe sex alert after syphilis cases in gay men treble. Aug 5, 2016 219
Charlie asked to put a special Sheen on safe-sex message. Jun 21, 2016 148
Charlie asked to put a special Sheen on safe-sex message. Jun 16, 2016 157
CDC issues new safe-sex guidelines around Zika virus. Brief article Mar 1, 2016 337
Safe sex facing multiple barriers. Feb 1, 2016 430
Robin Byrd: how the infamous empress of fun and raunchy DIY cable TV brought a sex-positive, safe-sex message to the world. Musto, Michael Interview Feb 1, 2016 1204
Planned parenthood's Safe Sex Haloween Bash. Baxter, Rebecca Dec 1, 2015 124
'No need to teach safe sex to good Muslims'. Oct 22, 2015 166
SAFE SEX PLEA OVER SUPER GONORRHOEA; New strain of the clap is resistant to antibiotic. Sep 19, 2015 298
Technological aid to safer sex. Jul 25, 2015 123
Technological aid to safer sex. Jul 23, 2015 123
New Single "I Know You Got A Boyfriend" by Lojikal Just Released by His Label Soulhopnation LLC. This Song Launches His Campaign Promoting Safe Sex.. Jun 11, 2015 341
Make Safe Sex a Fashionable Option; Eco-Friendly, Vegan, Condom Case Project from the Original Tyvek Wallet Creators. Apr 15, 2015 418
Using social cognitive theory to predict safer sex behaviors in college students. Kanekar, Amar; Sharma, Manoj; Bennett, Russell Mar 22, 2015 5577
Eroticizing safe sex helps HIV prevention. Krisberg, Kim Jan 1, 2015 101
Agony Aunt. Dec 1, 2014 653
Practice safer sex: sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise among older adults, so have an honest talk with your partner. Nov 1, 2014 777
Using digitally distributed vulgar comedy to reach young men with information about healthy sexual development. McKee, Alan; Walsh, Anthony; Watson, Anne-Frances Essay Nov 1, 2014 4652
KING OF CONDOMY; Comic Kevin reveals why he snubbed megabucks safe sex ad campaign. Oct 27, 2014 363
Oh baby! Boys' safe sex song to go nationwide. Oct 18, 2014 407
You aren't too old for safe sex. Jul 1, 2014 193
'Safe sex is for life - not just when you're young' Nigel Downes, primary care and independent sector adviser at the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) in Wales, expands on the importance of safe sex in the over-50s age group. Mar 19, 2014 363
'Safe sex is for life - not just when you're young' Nigel Downes, primary care and independent sector adviser at the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) in Wales, expands on the importance of safe sex in the over-50s age group. Mar 17, 2014 363
Barbershop-based program educates young black men about safe sex, STIs. McGill, Natalie Jan 1, 2014 550
'Safe sex' campaigns are not working; FEEDBACK. Nov 7, 2013 130
Reported Condom Use among Students Enrolled in a Personal Health and Wellness Course. Peterson,Yasenka; Johnson, Maureen; Hutchins, Matthew; Florence, Candace Report Sep 22, 2013 352
Teens and over-50s need safe sex lesson. Jul 4, 2013 433
Top for safe sex figures. Jun 7, 2013 231
Love Matters in Art reproduces texts, works on the streets, hangs out at the National Art Gallery of Namibia. Jun 1, 2013 1208
HIV Infections on Rise in UK as Gay Men Shun Safe Sex. Feb 16, 2013 425
US college student creates condom delivery service to promote safe sex. Feb 15, 2013 174
Drug use and STI/HIV risk among East and Southeast Asian men who have sex with men in Toronto. Poon, Maurice Kwong-Lai; Wong, Josephine Pui-Hing; Sutdhibhasilp, Noulmook; Ho, Peter Trung-Thu; Won Report Dec 22, 2012 4312
Let's talk about safe sex. Dec 4, 2012 697
Casual relationship couples likelier to practice safe sex. Dec 2, 2012 382
City nurses share safe sex message. Nov 27, 2012 155
SAFE SEX FEAR AS DISEASES ON RISE; 59% STI increase in past 10yrs. Nov 26, 2012 533
Young men's aggressive tactics to avoid condom use: a test of a theoretical model. Davis, Kelly Cue; Logan-Greene, Patricia Report Sep 1, 2012 5506
Safer sex through soap operas. Rosen, Meghan Brief article Aug 25, 2012 115
Rise of STIs means safer sex is so vital. Jul 3, 2012 385
Should I lecture my mum over safe sex? May 4, 2012 304
Should I speak to my mum about safe sex? Dear Coleen. May 4, 2012 466
We'll teach safe sex to over 50s; Age Cymru offer tips on everything from dating to coming out. Apr 13, 2012 399
Now, condoms with barcodes to make 'safe sex map'. Mar 2, 2012 268
New web series stars city teens speaking slang to advocate safe sex. Jan 5, 2012 271
We've not beaten it yet; HIV rates in the North East are climbing faster than anywhere in the country. Although treatments may have improved, ignorance and stigma about the disease still exists and some believe the safe sex message still isn't getting through. KAREN WILSON reports. Dec 13, 2011 1326
Kelly Rowland backs safe sex initiative. Dec 1, 2011 181
Many Africans Know How to Prevent HIV/AIDS; But their safe-sex behaviors are out of sync with their knowledge. Survey Nov 30, 2011 894
Australia under STI epidemic as couples fail to practice safe sex. Sep 27, 2011 298
Safe sex after 50 and mature women's beliefs of sexual health. Morton, Cynthia R.; Kim, Hyojin; Treise, Debbie Sep 22, 2011 8171
More Texas Schools Teach Safe Sex With Abstinence. Sep 16, 2011 1453
Safer sex appeal for youngsters. Jul 6, 2011 199
African American college students opinions of media messages on HIV/AIDS awareness: students' attitudes toward the disease. Khosrovani, Masoomeh; Desai, Mavur S.; Sanders, Arthur Report Jun 1, 2011 5863
Gay men 'seeking long-term romance online likelier to engage in safe sex'. May 24, 2011 259
BBC foreign aid charity under attack for producing safe sex ads in India. May 23, 2011 263
New 'Viagra' condom 'offers longer erection, safe sex'. May 11, 2011 310
Returning traveler with painful penile mass: our patient thought he'd practiced "safe sex" while traveling in Vietnam. but a week after his return, he sought care for a tender penile lump and painful urination. Parashar, Jesse Rokicki; Schechtman, Andrew Column May 1, 2011 1430
Struggling to sell safe sex, Thailand. Report May 1, 2011 413
Understanding the HIV risk and sexual health needs of men who have sex with men. May 1, 2011 788
Centre's new safe sex service. Feb 24, 2011 134
Gaga wears 'latex condom inspired outfit' on 'GMA' to promote 'safe sex'. Feb 19, 2011 181
Union calls for safe sex by students; HEALTH. Feb 15, 2011 106
Safe sex message for saucy texters. Feb 14, 2011 213
A CHARITY has defended a [...]. Feb 14, 2011 213
Take a test to boost safe sex. Feb 14, 2011 163
Safe sex on the canvas. Jan 28, 2011 926
SAFE SEX? I AM ON THE MORNING AFTER PILL; 250,000 regularly take it. Jan 1, 2011 278
Condom and safer sex product availability among U.S. College health centers. Butler, Scott M.; Black, David R.; Coster, Daniel Jan 1, 2011 6714
Mumbai hosts motorbike rally to spread awareness about safe sex, safe driving. Dec 26, 2010 268
Safe sex is great for Indian workers. Dec 20, 2010 277
Pope revives idea of condoms as 'lesser evil'. Allen, John L., Jr. Dec 10, 2010 963
Church deserves plain talk about moral issues. Zagano, Phyllis Column Dec 10, 2010 683
Pope's condom remarks: a step into the real world. Editorial Dec 10, 2010 554
Blocked sewers with condoms reveal I-T Park workers practice safe sex! Dec 3, 2010 377
Fashionable condoms to promote safe sex debut on World AIDS Day. Dec 2, 2010 225
In China, sexual debut linked to demographic and social factors. Ball, H. Dec 1, 2010 1095
Safe sex 'Sexmas Survival Guide' message enrages Church. Nov 28, 2010 274
Bristol Palin talks about abstinence and safe sex in teen pregnancy ad. Nov 23, 2010 229
AIDS researchers call for a month of "Safe sex/No sex". Brief article Nov 1, 2010 250
A victory for condom sense and reason. O'Brien, Jon Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2010 659
Swiss churches distribute condoms to teens. Brief article Sep 22, 2010 141
JLS unveil range of condoms to promote safe sex. Sep 16, 2010 189
Over 45s 'unaware of safe sex'. Sep 16, 2010 309
Care-free older adults urged to practise safe sex. Sep 15, 2010 250
JLS unveil range of condoms to promote safe sex. Sep 10, 2010 189
Shanghai sets up 3,600 condom outlets for migrants to promote 'safe sex'. Sep 4, 2010 278
Practice safe sex with ED drugs. Sep 1, 2010 174
BBC World Service Trust Revamps to Showcase Its Work to Promote Safer Sex. Aug 21, 2010 495
Interventions for safer sex behaviors among college students. Kanekar, Amar; Sharma, Manoj Jun 22, 2010 4331
South African hoteliers to distribute free condoms to fans for safe sex. Jun 10, 2010 211
Safe words: how the prevention message disappeared from the public conversation about sex. Connelly, Phoebe Jun 1, 2010 3301
Accolade for safe sex help. May 10, 2010 100
Safe sex for species. Schneider, Erin Brief article Apr 20, 2010 186
What's key in programs for black women. Hollander, Dore Report Mar 1, 2010 206
Black adolescent females may benefit from STD interventions tailored to gender and culture. Melhado, L. Report Mar 1, 2010 816
Learning from a community action plan to promote safe sexual practices. Weiss, Josie A.; Dwonch-Schoen, Kathy; Howard-Barr, Elissa M.; Panella, Michael P. Report Jan 1, 2010 5470
Theory based safer sex intervention among African-American college students. Kanekar, Amar; Sharma, Manoj; Cottrell, Randall; Succop, Paul; Bernard, Amy L. Jan 1, 2010 4775
Women have unprotected intercourse less frequently after testing HIV Positive. Doskoch, P. Report Dec 1, 2009 1079
Gender differences in HIV-related sexual behavior among college students from Spain and Portugal. Munoz-Silva, Alicia; Sanchez-Garcia, Manuel; Martins, Ana; Nunes, Cristina Report Nov 1, 2009 9004
Enhancing promotion of the female condom. Report Oct 1, 2009 849
The legend of Zelda: the fearless contributions of one tough "mother". Brief article Sep 1, 2009 161
Conserving (not preserving) culture: avoiding the damage to culture of veiled moralism in HIV education. Price, Leigh Jul 1, 2009 3165
SA AIDS 2009 MSM Satellite Conference, research and advocacy: sharing the strength, bridging the gap: 30-31 March 2009, Durban. Burrell, E. Conference news Jul 1, 2009 1051
Older, but not wiser. Hollander, Dore Brief article Jun 1, 2009 220
Poor preventive practices among HIV-positive youth. Rosenberg, Jared Report Mar 1, 2009 223
Virginity study. Jan 1, 2009 384
Safe sex = hot sex. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 161
Sexual health and HIV. Grundy-Bowers, Matthew Sep 22, 2008 1754
Step out of the dark ages: the spread of the HIV/Aids virus is a tragedy not a stain on the honour of the world community. And until all nations--including those of the Middle East--stop apportioning blame and direct their attentions towards education and prevention programmes, the devastation will continue. Seymour, Richard Jul 1, 2008 1150
Out on the street. Brief article Jan 29, 2008 212
50/50 in the bedroom--women claiming their sexual rights. Baumgarten, Robin Dec 1, 2007 565
Know the facts and stay protected: why you should be practicing safer sex. Jones, Shannon Oct 1, 2007 1257
HIV stigma--what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Corcos, Simon Sep 22, 2007 1765
Brief intervention on alcohol use leads to safer sex. Farham, Bridget Brief article Jul 1, 2007 290
Parental influence, gay youths, and safer sex. LaSala, Michael C. Feb 1, 2007 5085
Pleasure and prevention: when good sex is safer sex. Philpott, Anne; Knerr, Wendy; Boydell, Vicky Nov 1, 2006 5768
Sex, life and the female condom: some views of HIV positive women. Welbourn, Alice Nov 1, 2006 6234
"They're peddling death": profiting from unsafe sex--an Advocate investigation. Kennedy, Sean Cover story Aug 29, 2006 3504
Human papillomavirus (HPV) in rural adolescent females: knowledge, protected sex, and sexual risk behaviors. Wang, Janet F.; Simoni, Patricia S.; Wu, Ying Disease/Disorder overview Mar 22, 2006 6396
Advertising, promos say safe sex can be fun sex. Feb 27, 2006 544
Is safe sex still hot sex? Some lesbians say it's time to re-examine the safe sex messages for dykes. Szymanski, Zak Feb 1, 2006 1358
Increasing condom use in Slovenia. Brief Article Nov 1, 2005 234
Identifying barriers to safer sex practices among street sex workers in Cape Town. Nov 1, 2005 410
The accent is on pleasure. May 9, 2005 881
What they say isn't what they do. May 9, 2005 416
STD dangers. Apr 1, 2005 360
Let's talk about sex. Eddens, Shalini Apr 1, 2005 873
Notes from the research. Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 142
Gay men on the pill. Sullivan, Andrew Nov 9, 2004 681
Scared of sex: Gay people paralyzed by a fear of STDs need to know: Celibacy driven by terror can be bad for your health. Henneman, Todd Aug 17, 2004 786
Unsafe at any speed. Kaiser, Charles Jul 6, 2004 610
European union condemns hierarchy's "bigotry" on condom use. Brief Article Jun 22, 2004 224
Social support and maintenance of safer sex practices among people living with HIV/AIDS. Reilly, Thom; Woo, Grace May 1, 2004 5734
Science and the White House: of condoms and climate. Ryan, Chris May 1, 2004 1430
Twenty years of student sexual behavior: subcultural adaptations to a changing health environment. Netting, Nancy S.; Burnett, Matthew L. Mar 22, 2004 6760
1988: the AIDS epidemic implications for the sexuality education of our youth. Haffner, Debra W. Mar 22, 2004 786
2002: HIV/AIDS prevention and sexuality education must change to meet their promise. Aggleton, Peter Mar 22, 2004 589
1990: homophobia in HIV/AIDS education. Thompson, Cooper Mar 22, 2004 1011
Dissent in Ashcroft's America. Warren, Patricia Nell Jan 1, 2004 2793
"Typhoid Mary" and "HIV Jane": responsibility, agency and disease prevention. Chan, Kit Yee; Reidpath, Daniel D. Nov 1, 2003 7305
How safe is sex with condoms?: an in-depth investigation of the condom use pattern during the last sex act in an urban area of Bangladesh. Saggers, Sherry Sep 1, 2003 7248
Changes over time in college student's family planning knowledge, preference, and behavior and implications for contraceptive education and prevention of sexually transmitted infections (1). Pluhar, Erika I.; Frongillo, Edward A.; Stycos, J. Mayone; Dempster-McClain, Donna Sep 1, 2003 6222
The "ABC to Z" approach: condoms are one element in a comprehensive approach to HIV/STI prevention. (Introduction). Cates, Willard, Jr. Jun 22, 2003 1170
Targeting populations at increased infection risk: condom promotion remains an important HIV prevention measure. Smith, Emily J. Jun 22, 2003 2025
Campaigns with uniformed services change behaviors. Smith, Emily J. Jun 22, 2003 984
Public health initiative nearly halves STI rates. Smith, Emily J. Jun 22, 2003 894
Measuring condom use better. Smith, Emily J. Jun 22, 2003 761
Dual protection: best approach to recommend may vary. Wright, Kerry L. Jun 22, 2003 1227
Emphasizing dual protection messages. Wright, Kerry L. Jun 22, 2003 708
Dual protection and consistency of condom use. Wright, Kerry L. Jun 22, 2003 475
The female condom: it's noisy, it's ugly and it's expensive, but it's the safest sex around. O'Grady, Kathleen May 1, 2003 790
The dangers of dot-com sex. (On the Web). Allen, Dan Brief Article Apr 1, 2003 223
Safer TV sex. (Pediatric Briefs). Tucker, Miriam E.; Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article Apr 1, 2003 117
In the bedroom. (On the Web). Brief Article Mar 18, 2003 116
File under "evil, banality of". (BTW). Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 274
Is "abstinence-only" the best sex education policy for schools to implement? (Debate). Feb 1, 2003 888
Couple counselling on sexual communication and reproductive health during antenatal care, Zimbabwe. Berer, Marge Brief Article Nov 1, 2002 244
Trends in sexual risk behaviors among high school students--United States, 1991-2001. Statistical Data Included Sep 27, 2002 3675
Text campaign to promote safe sex and AIDS awareness launched. Brief Article Sep 23, 2002 108
CDC: chlamydia rescreen 3-4 months post therapy. (Sexually Transmitted Disease Guidelines). Mahoney, Diana Brief Article Jun 15, 2002 788
Youth: Vulnerable but resilient; Better understanding of the sexual and reproductive health needs of youth produces new initiatives and allies. Finger, William R. Mar 22, 2002 3238
Directing teenagers toward safe sex. (Condoms). Brief Article Feb 18, 2002 374
Reader comments from (Advocate Poll). Brief Article Feb 5, 2002 165
Not-so-civil war: the controversy stirred up by renegade AIDS activists in San Francisco is just one of many distractions from an increasingly crucial question: Can AIDS prevention programs be fixed? (Aids). Bull, Chris Jan 22, 2002 1527
Stigma to Sage: Learning and Teaching Safer Sex Practices Among Canadian Sex Trade Workers. NALL Working Paper. Meaghan, Diane Jan 1, 2002 290
A midlife HIV crisis: men in their 30s and 40s are old enough to remember AIDS at its worst--so why are so many of them still getting infected? (Aids). Schuerman, Matthew Dec 4, 2001 1805
High-Risk Behavior Unchanged. Splete, Heidi Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 116
Prevalence of Risk Behaviors for HIV Infection Among Adults -- United States, 1997. Apr 13, 2001 1821
Long-term effects of a middle school- and high school-based human immunodeficiency virus sexual risk prevention intervention. McKay, Alexander Brief Article Mar 22, 2001 727
Safe sex message has impact. Brief Article Mar 12, 2001 454
Preventing the sexual transmission of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS: what you should know about oral sex. Pamphlet Dec 1, 2000 1071
The fallacy of "safesex". Leishman, Rory Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 755
A Comparative Investigation of Safer Sex Practices among Canadian and New Zealand Prostitutes. NALL Working Paper. Meaghan, Diane Oct 1, 2000 281
Barebacked into a corner. L.N. Brief Article Aug 29, 2000 167
Impact of HIV-positive speakers in a multicomponent, school-based HIV/STD prevention program for inner-city adolescents. McKay, Alexander Brief Article Jun 22, 2000 609
Adoption of Protective Behaviors Among Persons With Recent HIV Infection and Diagnosis -- Alabama, New Jersey, and Tennessee, 1997-1998. Jun 16, 2000 1617
"Encouraging a healthy, responsible and happy sexuality". (Cuba). Matamala, Maria Isabel Interview Jan 1, 2000 3008
Sexual Risk Taking Still Rampant in Gay Teens. ZWILLICH, TODD Nov 1, 1999 574
Leaving safety at the bedroom door. Rochman, Sue Brief Article Oct 12, 1999 265
Health & Science. Rochman, Sue Brief Article Sep 14, 1999 330
Short-Term Impact of Safer Choices: A Multicomponent, School-Based HIV, Other STD, and Pregnancy Prevention Program. Coyle, Karin; Basen-Engquist, Karen; Kirby, Douglas; Parcel, Guy; Banspach, Stephen; Harrist, Ronald May 1, 1999 6675
A date with Viagra. Rotello, Gabriel Column Jul 7, 1998 717
Portraits: gay sex in the face of AIDS. Savage, Todd Jan 20, 1998 3094
Lesbians learn to play it safe; with so much talk about gay male sex and AIDS, some lesbians falsely assume that their sex life is risk-free. Harrison-Prado, Beth Dec 23, 1997 1182
The sex wars are back. Rotello, Gabriel Column Sep 30, 1997 772
Men's sexual risk factors for HIV infection: racial differences in behavior, knowledge, and self-perception. Tewksbury, Richard; Moore, Darin K. Sep 22, 1997 4794
Safety first? O'Hara, Scott Column Jul 8, 1997 653
Contraceptive practices before and after an intervention promoting condom use to prevent HIV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases among women - selected U.S. sites, 1993-1995. May 2, 1997 2039
New treatments, old behaviors. Gallagher, John Feb 18, 1997 696
The responsiveness of the demand for condoms to the local prevalence of AIDS. Ahituv, Avner; Hotz, V. Joseph; Philipson, Tomas Sep 22, 1996 9208
New findings may redefine high-risk sex. Sternberg, Steve Jun 8, 1996 659
The condom king of Thailand. Frydman, Gloria Biography May 1, 1996 2646
Condoms tolerated to avoid AIDS, French bishops say. Schaeffer, Pamela Feb 23, 1996 901
French bishops issue timely word on condoms: the Catholic Church has become marginalized in the AIDS prevention discussion by holding to its absolutist position. Editorial Feb 23, 1996 955
The Dynamics of Young Men's Condom Use During and Across Relationships. (Articles). Ku, Leighton; Sonenstein, Freya L.; Pleck, Joseph H. Jan 1, 1996 7362
Predictors of Condom Acquisition After an STD Clinic Visit. O'Donnell, Lydia; Doval, Alexi San; Duran, Richard; O'Donnell, Carl R. Jan 1, 1996 5483
HIV/AIDS Knowledge and Sexual Behavior Among High School Students. Anderson, John E.; Kann, Laura; Holtzman, Deborah; Arday, Susan; Truman, Ben; Kolbe, Lloyd Jan 1, 1996 4365
Lima Diesel offers rare church AIDS aid. Chauvin, Lucien Oct 6, 1995 1584
The fatal mistakes of AIDS education. Odets, Walt May 1, 1995 2417
Trends in sexual risk behavior among high school students - United States, 1990, 1991, and 1993. Feb 24, 1995 1106
Learning to love. Bernstein, Nell Cover Story Jan 1, 1995 2832
Sex miseducation. Kirby, Douglas Cover Story Jan 1, 1995 622
Adolescent contraceptive use and communication: changes over a decade. Poppen, Paul J. Sep 22, 1994 4105
Condom education and sexual behavior. Sep 1, 1994 247
AIDS research: from vaccines to safer sex. Fackelmann, Kathy A. Aug 13, 1994 645
How safe is safe sex? Whetstone, Muriel L. Jul 1, 1994 1258
AIDS and young adults. Reynolds, Rhonda Apr 1, 1993 286
AIDS taking its toll in Peru, study shows. Chauvin, Lucien Dec 18, 1992 782
Heterosexual behaviors and factors that influence condom use among patients attending a sexually transmitted disease clinic - San Francisco. Oct 5, 1990 1702
A preliminary study of social issues in AIDS prevention among adolescents. Ross, Michael W.; Caudle, Chris; Taylor, Julie Sep 1, 1989 2276
Questions about AIDS education. Bower, Bruce May 21, 1988 290
More gay bashing. Oct 31, 1987 281

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