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Safe sex website for kids.

A NEW internet site designed to "untangle the web" of teenage relationships has been launched in a bid to improve the nation's sexual health.

Bosses of the Health Education Board for Scotland say they know too many internet sites containing harmful sexual images or misleading information about sex are accessed by teenagers on a daily basis.

They are fighting back by launching a new website designed to encourage teenagers to think about all the consequences of sex and relationships

Aside from providing appropriate information for young people on sexual health, the website aims to help 14- 17 year olds think through the key decisions they face in relationships.

Deirdrie Fullerton, research specialist in sexual health at HEBS, said: "This site will not be a simple solution for all teenage dilemmas.

"But it does put reliable information at their fingertips and challenges them to think through the consequences of the choices they make." The site address is
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 23, 2002
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