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Safe and secure: treestands take you high; good harnesses keep you there.



Like all premium harnesses, the CDS (Controlled Descent System) has chest and leg straps. All buckles are metal, and the safety tether is made of shock-absorbing line to reduce impact from falling.

What distinguishes the CDS is the descent rope coiled within the vest. Dr. Norman Wood, who developed this system, said, "Even with a full-body harness, a fall can be fatal due to Suspension Trauma. The heart pumps blood into the legs but the harness restricts the blood from returning to the upper body."


To prevent that, you pull a brake strap on the CDS vest to release the descent rope, and then lower yourself to the ground. You can control your rate of descent with the brake strap. After use, recoil the rope within the vest, and you're ready to hunt again. Contact: (304) 2984343,


The Ameristep Climbing Vest Harness has adjustable chest and leg straps, plus a lineman's belt that attaches to the sides of the vest for safe climbing and hands-free work on steps and stands. Combine this vest with Ameristep's new Fall Recovery System, an easy-to-use tether that helps you climb back into your stand, and you have a winning safety system. Contact: (810) 686-4035,

The Gorilla Deluxe Full Body Vest Harness, rated for hunters weighing 140-300 lbs., has integral leg and chest straps. The tether has pleated breakaways to reduce shock from falling. A lineman's climbing belt ensures safe, hands-free climbing, and the vest has a blaze-orange pull-out in the back pouch for safety and legality wherever orange is required. Contact: 1-877-685-7817,

Summit's SOP (Seat-O-The-Pants) Harness is made of lightweight polyester webbing that rates 6,000-lb. tensile strength. Camo is Next G-1. Metal, low-profile, interlocking buckles on the waist and leg straps are coated for silence. An integral fanny pack holds all straps when not in use. Summit's tangle-free, lightweight, and convenient Fastback and Fastback Deluxe harnesses feature similar construction. When combined with the SOP Climbing System, these harnesses ensure absolute climbing safety the moment you leave the ground. Contact: (256) 353-0634,



Also, check out the new HSS Pro Series Harness featured on the cover of this issue and in "What's New" (page 80). Contact: (256) 773-7732,


By Dwight Schuh, Editor
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Title Annotation:Editorial: GEAR SPECIAL 2009
Author:Schuh, Dwight
Date:Jul 1, 2009
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