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Sad to tell it like it is.

Re Encouragement Tour, April

I found this a very sad report; if the leaders of the Presbyterian Church are in such bad shape it's no wonder the denomination is declining. I always thought someone joining the ministry answers a call to serve God, and serve their congregation, rather than just seeking personal job satisfaction. Is it all just about better salaries and benefits? Or discovering yourself? I sincerely hope not; I'll keep all of you and all the congregations that are also suffering because of this situation in my prayers. Good to get this situation out in the open for honest discussion.


What an excellent cover story! Tells it like it is for many ministers today and which, even as it offers remedies, critiques them at the same time. It is simply refreshing to name things as they stand. In this way the article offers respect for many who question their vocation.

Great work by Fred Stewart, and great work writing this up.


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Title Annotation:Letters
Author:Racine, Nina; Athanasiadis, Nick
Publication:Presbyterian Record
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jun 1, 2016
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