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Sacramento-Sierra Foothills.

Scholarship donations came from WILPF and local sources, providing assistance to two-thirds of the campers. These include the Jones Fund via the Jane Addams Peace Association, Sacramento-Sierra Foothills Branch, Placer County, the Sugar Plump Fairies, the Sierra Foothills Unitarian Universalists and individuals.

Starting with peace within (yoga, drumming, music), the focus moved to peace with each other (cooperative games, collaborative art projects), the environment (solar ovens, cleaning a nature trail), our community (interviewing and videoing local leaders), and culminating with the world (multicultural meal, peace songs and peacemaker certificates for everyone who participated).

Contact Leslye Janusz at or Millee Livingston at for details on program and funding.

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Publication:Peace and Freedom
Date:Sep 22, 2014
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