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Sachet away!

WHAT YOU NEED fabric * matching thread * newspaper * marker * needle * straight pins * pillow stuffing * potpourri * lace, decorative beads or iron-on designs

WHAT YOU DO 1. Cut a 10-inch square from your fabric. If your fabric is wrinkled, carefully iron the square.

2. Draw the shape you've chosen for your pillow onto a piece of newspaper. Make sure your shape is no larger than half of your fabric square (5 inches by 10 inches). You can make a pillow, heart, moon, whatever! Cut out your shape and set to the side.

3. Fold your fabric in half wrong side out. Center the cutout on the folded piece of fabric. Using straight pins, secure the newspaper shape neatly to both layers of fabric, placing a pin about every inch or so all the way around.

5. Take a sharp pair of scissors and cut off the excess fabric around the shape.

6. Thread the needle with a double thread, and knot it firmly at the end.

7. Secure the two sides of fabric to one another with a simple stitch (straight up and down through the fabric), leaving an inch-and-a-half opening.

8. Remove the pins and paper cutout from the fabric. Loop your finger into the unsewn hole, and turn sachet inside-out.

9. Gently push pillow stuffing inside until the sachet is half-full. Take some potpourri and sprinkle a few pinches into the center of the sachet. Then, place more stuffing into the sachet until it's filled. Using a needle and thread, neatly finish off the hole with tiny outside stitches.

10. Now it's time to decorate! (We chose pretty buttons and satiny ribbon for our sachets.) Using needle and thread or glue, attach any heads, ribbons or sequins to the outside of the sachet. Now sniff. You've got a fabulous gift for a special friend!
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