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 NEW YORK, Sept. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- SZL Sportsight, Inc. (OTC: SZLSF, Vancouver: SZL.V) announced today that the company has agreed to acquire Hackers, Inc., a Florida-based high-tech research and development company specializing in R-F (radio-frequency) technology and tracking systems. Under the terms of the acquisition, Sportsight will obtain the rights and patents to the Hackers radio-frequency tracking systems in exchange for 500,000 shares of SZL Sportsight, Inc. SZL Sportsight, Inc., expects the acquisition to close within 30 days.
 With this agreement, Sportsight will be able to position itself as a leader in the emerging field of sports graphic enhancement technology. The company also expects to develop other sport-enhancement technologies for use in golf, tennis, football and basketball in the future.
 Hackers, Inc. is lead by the team of Randy Weingarten, Brian Scott Howell and Thomas F. Stinson III. The group has worked together since 1989 and represents over 25 years, collectively, of technical experience. Mr. Weingarten, Mr. Howell and Mr. Stinson III will be joining SZL Sportsight, Inc. to work in development and applications of current and future product technologies.
 "The power of bringing together the current Supervision(TM) technology with these areas in radio-frequency tracking, will make for a unique and strongly positioned company now and in the future. Sport- enhancement technologies will always be in strong demand as broadcasters seek newer and better ways to enhance and increase the viewership of televised sports," stated Mr. Weingarten, principal of Hackers.
 Over the past summer, Sportsight had licensed the Supervision technology to Coors Brewing Company of Golden, Colo., which used it as the "Silver Bullet Pitch Track" during broadcasts of the Colorado Rockies, and also to the Sunshine Network, for broadcasts during the Florida Marlins' home games.
 Supervision, by Sportsight, Inc., is a graphic ballistic-tracking and information gathering technology rendering a three-dimensional view of the ball's path, speed and trajectory from the point of the ball's release until it crosses the plate. Supervision runs on the Silicon Graphics Indigo Elan(TM) workstation using the same computer technology which was used in the movie, "Jurassic Park."
 SZL Sportsight, Inc., headquartered at 40 Wall Street, New York, was founded in 1985 by an aeronautical engineer who invented and patented the Supervision technology to visualize and quantify the speed, trajectory and path of moving objects with applications for military, commercial and broadcast use.
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 /NOTE TO THE EDITOR: This news release was prepared by management and they accept responsibility for its contents. The Vancouver Stock Exchange has neither approved nor disapproved the information/
 /CONTACT: Edward J. Plumacher, president of SZL Sportsight, Inc., or (investors) Anthony J. DiMaio of Anthem Communications, 212-943-8998, or Barbara Bass, 203-374-9762, all for SZL Sportsight/

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Date:Sep 23, 1993

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