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SZABIST entertains dog and cat lovers at pet show.

ISLAMABAD -- Dog and cat lovers of all ages gathered at a pet show held at Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST) on Saturday with participation of unique breeds of the two species.

The show amused the spectators and was arranged for raising awareness about better care of cats and dogs and also providing people know how to ensure hygiene for themselves.

The specially trained cats and dogs enthralled the guests with their variety of tricks and acts such as cat-walk, dog race and wall climbing.

The pets which participated in the show included breeds of cats such as, Australian Mist, Arabian Mau, German Rex, Persian Cats, an American Curl, and dog breeds included American Bulldog, German Shepherded, Australian Wolf dog, Teddy Roosevelt and Russian Puppies.

Dr Faisal Khan, a pet expert while addressing the gathering said that pet lovers need to strictly follow certain guidelines to ensure their safety and hygiene while keeping cats and dogs.

He said both cats and dogs carry dangerous germs which can affect the humans, if the pets are not regularly vaccinated. Dr. Faisal also cautioned that being hit by a cat's claw is as dangerous as being bitten by a dog.

The dog show was organized by students of media and communication studies (M &SC) at SZABIST as part of their class project 'Social Responsibility'.

A research conducted by the M&CS department has brought to light that while pet lovers across the world keep dogs as a friendly companion or as a loyal guard, majority of people in Pakistan keep dogs for the sake of enjoying dog's fights.

Pet experts present on the occasion scorned dog fights, demanding the trend should be immediately stopped as it is violating wild life rights.

Director SZABIST Islamabad Campus Syed Asad Hussain while speaking on the occasion said that the event was organized for sending the message that people need to ensure their own safety.
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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Dec 23, 2012
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