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SYRIA - The Government.

The formation of Syria's new government under Prime Minister Dr. Mohammed Mustafa Miro was decreed by President Assad on March 13, 2000. Assad had appointed Dr. Miro on March 7 to succeed Mahmoud Al Zohbi who was dismissed. The cabinet, to pursue US-brokered peace negotiations with Israel and boost the country's ailing economy, consists of 36 members of which 26 are from the ruling Baath Party and ten are from the six non-Baath parties of the National Progressive Front. The cabinet retains in key portfolios long-serving political appointees close to Assad (see Gas Market Trends).

The line-up has 22 newcomers, including Premier Miro. They were mostly nominated by the President's son and heir apparent Bashar to pursue badly needed reforms.

The following is the cabinet, as listed on March 13 by the official Syrian Arab New Agency (SANA):

- Dr. Mohammed Mustafa Miro, Prime Minister (see his profiles in OMT). - 1st Lt Gen. Mustafa Tlas, Deputy Premier & Defence Minister. - Eng. Mohammed Naji Al Ittri, Deputy Premier for Services (new). - Dr. Khalid Raa'd, Deputy Premier for Economic Affairs (new). - Farouk Al Shara, Foreign Minister. - Dr. Mohammad Al Harba, Interior Minister. - Dr. Mohammed Al Imadi, Minister of Economy & Foreign Trade. - Nasser Qaddour, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. - Dr. Mohammed Khalid Al Mahaini, Minister of Finance. - Dr. Mohammad Iyad Al Shatti, Minister of Health. - Asaa'd Mustafa, Minister of Agriculture & Agrarian Reform. - Eng. Radhwan Martini, Minister of Communications. - Eng. Hussam Al Safadi, Minister of Housing & Utilities. - Engineer Munib Bin Asaa'd Saeb Al Dahr, Minister of Electricity. - Mohammad Bin Abdul Rau'f Ziada, Minister of Awqaf (religious affairs). - Mohammad Maher Husni Jamal, Minister Of Oil & Mineral Resources. - Salam Al Yassin, Minister of Local Administration (new). - Adnan Omran, Minister of Information. - Haitham Al Dhweihi, Minister of Presidential Affairs (new). - Nihad Mushantat, Minister of Construction & Building (new). - Dr. Maha Qanout, Minister of Culture (new). - Dr. Hassan Al Nouri, Minister of State (new). - Qassem Miqdad, Minister of Tourism (new). - Dr. Mahmoud Al Sayid, Minister of Education (new). - Dr. Farouq Al Adli, Minister of State for the Environment (new). - Nabil Al Khatib, Minister of Justice (new). - Dr. Issam Al Zaim, Minister of State for Planning Affairs (new). - Dr. Hassan Risheh, Minister of Higher Education (new). - Engineer Mukarram Obaid, Minister of Transport (new). - Mohammad Mufdhi Sifo, Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs (new). - Dr. Baraa' Al Qudsi, Minister of Labour & Social Affairs (new). - Dr. Ussama Maa' Al Bared, Minister of Supply & Domestic Trade (new). - Dr. Ihsan Shritih, Minister of State (new). - Eng. Ahmad Hamo, Minister of Industry (new). - Taha Al Attrash, Minister of Irrigation (new). - Makhoul Abu Hamdha, Minister Of State.

The ministers were sworn in on March 14 in front of President Assad.
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