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SYRIA - Mohammed Bashir Qabbani.

The Chairman of Deir Ez Zor Petroleum Co., the JV between SPC and Elf, Qabbani comes from a prominent Sunni family. At this venture Qabbani succeeded Ghuzael. The General Manager of Deir Ez Zor Petroleum is Jean Luc Porcheron, an Elf executive (now this is part of TotalFinaElf). Previously Qabbani was Chairman of Al Bishri Petroleum Co., a JV first established between SPC and Total but now involving Shell, Pecten and Deminex as Total has left. Until he moved to head Al Bishri, in 1992, Qabbani used to be a senior executive at SPC's gas department. He was one of the experts who used to argue that Syria's recoverable reserves of natural gas were much bigger than the officially published figures.

Other key figures in the Syrian hydrocarbon sector include Ali Abbas, the Chairman of Al Khabour Oil Co. (KOC), and a prominent figure in SPC; and Dr. Ahmad Khalid Al Maleh, the Director General of the General Establishment of Geology, a unit of SPC, and a renowned geologist.
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Publication:APS Diplomat Operations in Oil Diplomacy
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Date:Mar 26, 2001
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