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SYRIA - Gas Processing Plants & Their Markets.

Marketed production of associated and non-associated natural gas in Syria now is averaging about 12.5 million cubic metres (MCM) per day, compared to the country's capacity of 17.5 MCM/day. This excludes gas reinjected into the oilfields. All of the marketed production is being processed for local consumption, which has increased from about 11 MCM/day in early 1998 as local demand for natural gas is quite strong.

Marketed production and consumption of gas are limited to the operational capacity of Syria's gas processing plants and pipelines. The combined nameplate capacity of the processing plants has risen to 17.97 MCM/day and should reach 20 MCM/day (about 700 million cubic feet/day) by end-2001 or in early 2002. The following are brief profiles of the gas processing plants in Syria and their local markets:
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Comment:SYRIA - Gas Processing Plants & Their Markets.
Publication:APS Review Downstream Trends
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Date:Mar 6, 2000
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