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SYRIA - Dr. Daud Heido.

The Chairman of the Petroleum Marketing Committee since late 1986, Dr. Heido is a Christian from the Syriac Orthodox denomination. In his 60s, he comes of the Al Jazira area near Deir Ez Zor. He studied in East Germany, where he got a doctorate degree. A practical and friendly man, he is one of the most experienced experts in petroleum marketing and maintains good relations with a big number of foreign oil companies.

Dr. Heido took up this key post from Hisham Al Ghazi. Ghazi had held the committee's chairmanship since 1975 and retired in 1986 for reasons of age. Previously, Dr. Heido served as minister of state. He once acted as a consultant to major Western companies. Lonrho, the UK trading giant, is said to have been among them. He is close to the top oil decision makers in Yemen, Egypt and other Arab countries. Usually Dr. Heido accompanies the prime minister and petroleum minister on trips abroad to meet foreign oil executives.

Experts with whom Dr. Heido has worked in his current position have included Dr. A.R.K. Al Hakim, in his 60s, who has wide connections in the West and in Saudi Arabia. A graduate from Sorbonne University of France, Hakim served as economic advisor to the late King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. He was also a private teacher of French and economics to Prince Saud Al Faisal, the late king's son and now Saudi Arabia's foreign minister. He moved to London about many years ago and once was chairman of the Syrian-Arab Association in the British capital. Among books he authored was one titled "Comments on the Koran" published by the University of Oxford. Dr. Adnan Mustafa is another petroleum expert who has occasionally helped the prime minister and Dr. Heido. He has been a leading energy planner in Syria and a professor of physics at the University of Damascus.
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Publication:APS Diplomat Operations in Oil Diplomacy
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Date:Mar 26, 2001
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