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Syngence LLC, Dallas, the provider of Synthetix linguistic pattern-matching search technology for law firms and corporations, and IPRO Tech, Inc., veteran provider of scanning and image-viewing software, have inked a multi- faceted agreement to create a systems and marketing alliance. The collaboration between the two companies calls for the integration of Synthetix searching with IPRO View as well as the automation of front-end Syngence processing in conjunction with use of IPRO's scanning software.

The integration of Synthetix adds powerful new search capability to the existing tool set available in the widely-used IPRO View. Users performing early review of their scanned images and electronic records will have the ability to conduct powerful and precise Synthetix searches to quickly gain an even greater depth of knowledge about what is contained in their discovery documents.

Synthetix searching augments traditional database search methods with its unique ability to find documents with similar linguistic patterns in document collection of all sizes. IPRO View users will now have the ability to quickly and accurately locate documents having similar linguistic patterns, making it far easier to respond to requests for discovery and to perform tasks like consistently redacting documents, issue coding and rebutting or confirming key pieces of evidence.

The integration of Synthetix and IPRO View is expected to be complete by early first quarter. To activate Synthetix linguistic pattern matching searches for existing or new document collections, IPRO View users should contact their local Syngence representative or visit or call 800/796-4362.

The collaboration between IPRO Tech and Syngence will also result in a seamless technique for IPRO scanning client users and service bureaus to prepare data for Syngence processing, including the capture of data needed to create the Synthetix database. This convenient method will occur simultaneously as documents are scanned saving valuable time and effort. In addition, messages and reminders about the availability of Synthetix searching will be built in with the data, ultimately allowing service providers to increase their revenue stream through the sale of Syngence processing without an undue amount of additional effort on their part.

About Synthetix

Synthetix represents a linguistic-based approach to document retrieval and analysis. Instead of relying on traditional, complicated search methods, Synthetix works from a relevant document to quickly locate similar documents. With the push of a button, Synthetix utilizes a unique linguistic-pattern matching "signature" of the page being viewed and searches the entire database for documents with similar linguistic patterns. Synthetix then displays a list of documents where those with the "most related" linguistic pattern content are shown first allowing for faster review of the most potentially relevant documents.

About Syngence, LLC

Founded in 2001, Syngence has provided services to leading law firms and corporate legal departments which help them quickly extract and analyze the critical data in documents and electronic files they manage. The company's Synthetix linguistic pattern matching technology adds powerful search capability to most standard litigation support and document management systems. It can be used to confirm or rebut key documents, test best or worst case scenarios, ensure consistent document redaction and issue coding, conduct spoliation audits of e-discovery, and to locate potential drafts and duplicates. With Synthetix and the additional ability of Syngence to provide coded databases usually within days of discovery, Syngence can assist legal teams in making well-informed tactical decisions much earlier in the litigation time schedule. Syngence corporate headquarters are located at 5151 Belt Line Rd., Suite 1100, Dallas, TX 75254.

For more information, call 800/796-4362 or visit

About IPRO View

IPRO View is an image retrieval program used to view, search, annotate, and retrieve digital images over a LAN, a WAN, or the Internet. IPRO iNet works with IPRO View when accessing images using TCP/IP, providing access to images from anywhere using a standard Internet connection.

About IPRO Tech, Inc.

Phoenix-based IPRO Tech provides software to corporate legal departments, law schools and litigation services organizations. Millions of pages per year are scanned, indexed, viewed, printed and produced with IPRO Tech software. The American Lawyer Magazine recently completed a survey of the top 100 (by gross revenue) law firms in the United States and found that IPRO Tech software is by far the most widely used imaging software. IPRO offers a diverse suite of solutions from robust imaging, annotating, and indexing tools, to specialized document viewing and desktop imaging tools. IPRO has applied and refined fifteen years of real-world knowledge and experience to its suite of software. IPRO Tech corporate headquarters are located at 9630 N. 25th Avenue, Suite 450, Phoenix, Arizona 85021.

For more information, call 602/324-4776 or visit
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