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Technologies Inc. (NYSE:SBL), the world leader in bar code-driven data transaction systems, today announced a multimillion-dollar contract to supply United Parcel Service (UPS) with Symbol's next-generation wearable bar code scanning systems for parcel sorting in the 150 UPS regional distribution hubs in North America.

Under terms of the contract, the Company will provide UPS with miniature scanners worn as a ring, that allows the user to simply point a finger to scan a bar code, leaving both hands free for tasks such as sorting and loading packages. A compact, wrist-mounted 16-bit computer with display completes the system and permits wireless communication to the UPS host computer.

"This is an advancement that will allow UPS to provide even greater information capability to our customers," Angelo Sampona, vice president, UPS Strategic Systems Group, said, adding that the scanning systems will increase accuracy, efficiency and speed as handlers sort and route the 11.5 million packages UPS delivers each day.

"Symbol Technologies, with its core competency in bar code based data system solutions, met our need for a miniature, yet high-performance, scanning system to help UPS work better and smarter," Mr. Sampona added.

Small Size, Big Performance

The new ring scanner -- no bigger than a pair of cufflinks -- packs the high-performance power of a generally much larger scanner, such as those typically used at retail point of sale. The systems will be at work in UPS hubs in the first half of 1996.

"We are very pleased to extend the Symbol-UPS partnership by providing a new wearable scanning system that meets the UPS need for a small but powerful tool for data-transaction accuracy and productivity," Dr. Jerome Swartz, chairman and chief executive officer, Symbol Technologies, said.

"Symbol's tradition of partnering with our customers results in innovative solutions to meet their specific application needs," Dr. Swartz added.

Support for UPS Maxicode

In addition, Symbol announced its support of UPS Maxicode-based systems for transportation, distribution and sortation applications involving high speed and large fields of view. Maxicode and PDF417, the two-dimensional symbology invented by Symbol Technologies, have been selected for specific applications , consistent with the draft ANSI standard MH10.8.3M, the AIAG white paper on 2-D applications and the Department of Defense support of high-capacity codes.

This contract is the most recent in the two companies' 12-year business relationship. UPS drivers in Europe and Asia use Symbol PDT 3100 portable scanning computers to track overnight parcels. UPS also uses Symbol PDT 3300 hand-held computers and LS 3000 hand-held laser scanners in its operations.

Since 1990, Symbol has provided laser scanner engines for the UPS DIAD I and DIAD II -- Delivery Information Acquisition Device -- portable computer used by the 60,000 UPS drivers to capture data from bar coded packages.

Atlanta-based UPS, the world's largest package distribution company and sponsor of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games, had revenue of $19.6 billion on a volume of 3.03 billion packages and documents in 1994. It tracks each bar-coded package through a network of ground and air distribution hubs to the final customer destination with a system that includes Symbol scanners, portable computing terminals and the DIAD. Customer information is available from Symbol at 1-800-SCAN-234.

Symbol Technologies is the world leader in bar code-based data transaction systems with more than three million scanners and terminals installed. The company designs, manufactures and markets bar code reading equipment, portable data terminals and radio frequency data communications products which are used as strategic building blocks in technology systems for retailing, package and parcel delivery, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, health care and other industries.

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Date:Oct 23, 1995
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